Generoso Burger in São Paulo

A small burger joint that matters more than most places

For a little over one year, in a small door located a few blocks from one of Sao Paulo’s best photo spots, is located one of the best hamburgers this blog has ever tasted. Generoso Burger is only a few meters from Praça da Sé, so if you’re in São Paulo and already know our Unusual Guide to Sao Paulo, you know what I’m talking about.

A bit more about Generoso Burger

Generoso Burger opens its doors and hearts from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. On Saturdays, only lunch. The price range from less than 5 euros for one of the juiciest burgers you ever tasted plus a serving of fries on the side. We’re calculating the prices in Euros, basing ourselves on the current currency exchange rate between Real and Euros. In March 2020, it is basically 5 reais = 1 euro.

The place carries meat and veggie options, as well as beer and soft drinks. The whole menu is straightforward, and Generoso Burgers offers only those two options. Add ons are of course available upon request.

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The only thing this place doesn’t have is ketchup. “Why?” you ask. Because ketchup is shit and ruins the taste of a perfectly lovely burger but overpowering all the rest. And I, Marcela, could not agree more with this policy.

If you need ketchup with your burger, the place allows outside ketchup to be consumed inside. Generoso Burger doesn’t stand for censorship, but, in any way, will promote the genocide of flavors cause my ketchup.

Generoso means generous. Let me tell you why the name is Generoso Burger.

Mario, the owner, and chef at Generoso Burger, is very well known in the underground scene of Sao Paulo. He is also very actively working and fighting for what he believes is right. And this was the main reason that brought us there in the first place.

Mario makes sure to help the homeless population in the city as much as he can. From organizing Generoso Burger as a spot for donations all the way from hiring marginalized minorities that otherwise would have to sort to not-so-safe ways to survive.

Fotostrasse got to know Generoso after a tweet Mario did saying he wanted to hire LGBTQ+ people to help him at Generoso. In a Brazil like we have today, where the president is an openly fascist politician, and most of the congress belongs to the extreme right conservative evangelicals, having business running that is supporting the most vulnerable is vital for the survival of them. If you’re in town, unite your hunger with the will to make the world a better place and head to Generoso!

If you understand Portuguese, follow him on Twitter. His love for altruism and good music, together with his hatred towards ketchup makes it an excellent account to follow.

Here are some photos of the burger place, the owner and my boyfriend. I hope this short article is enough to convince you to stop by, have some great food, get to know more about downtown Sao Paulo and much more. And if you need some help, contact André Motta. He was our guide on a fantastic tour around downtown São Paulo, and he is a personal friend of Mario.

Generoso Burger


Rua Cristóvão Colombo, 69 – Sé, São Paulo – SP, 01006-020, Brazil

Price Range?

You can get a full menu of burgers and fries for around 5 euros

Who will like this place?

People looking for a good bite while exploring the downtown Sao Paulo and folks who want to support good causes in a country like Brazil

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