Get your professional vacation photographer in Berlin

Because sometimes remembering is better with great photos

Fotostrasse is now offering a new service for people traveling to Berlin: Fotostrasse’s Vacation Photographer Service (FVPS). Since you all like our photos so much and often write us to ask questions and get tips about the best places to go, how to improve your travel photography and more, we decided to extend our help and be your photographer here in Berlin.

All you need to do is fill the form below with your exact dates in Berlin, and we’ll arrange a cool place for your photos based on what you want!

We’re talking about professional photographer services for photo-shoots on the best Berlin’s spots, abandoned places, hidden parks and more. You and your friends will have that memory documented, finally, in the right and the coolest way possible.

We will take you to the best photo spots, direct you and get your best poses and show, through our lenses, how amazing your time in Berlin was. The photos will be delivered to you later in high resolution so you can either post on your Facebook or print it out as a neat memory of your time here.

We’ll deliver only the best images, edited and produced with the top quality photo equipment. So you don’t have to worry, we’ll not show up with a small point-and-shoot camera.

Hire us to document your Berlin trip memories while experiencing the most fantastic photo tour ever!

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General Information about Fotostrasse’s Vacation Photographer Service

Fotostrasse’s Vacation Photographer Service (FVPS) is a hell of a travel service! Since we’re working for years with travel photography and discovering the hidden places in Berlin. We’ve decided to unite Marcela‘s experience as a portrait photographer for main publications worldwide together with Fotostrasse’s love for showing you the best of Berlin and around.

FVPS will document your travel experience during a playful photo tour.

Imagine that, when you travel it is likely that you’ll have a camera with you, right? We’ve all done that. We need to document the city we are, the experiences we have, what we see and do, what we eat and all. And most of the times, your memories are missing you on the photo frame. Think about it. And we’re not getting into the hi-end quality that only a professional photographer can give you, right?

If you’re tired of ending up with some “just him” or “just her” or “just them” photos and boring selfies, this service is for you.

Group of friends, families, and couples can never get a good photo of the entire group without asking random people to take the picture. And this practice comes with some annoying and sometimes dangerous outcomes: the images can be horrible, out of focus, not framed right and worst of all, the random stranger can run with your camera or phone instead of helping you.

That is when we come in handy, folks! We can be there for you!

Besides the service of showing you the best places in town, we’ll be at your service for as long as you need to capture everything it’s important to you. You’ll have the best of both worlds! You’ll have 100% of your Berlin experience captured professionally and you’ll be part of the photo album. We’ll make sure to get the best of our time together!

And now let’s explain how it works


Send us an email or fill up the contact form below with what you like to see and your dates here in Berlin to check the availability of this service. Since some weeks we’re out exploring the world, give us a few days notice, please.

We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible with the perfect itinerary for pre-approval and the price for the whole package.



Here is where the magic begins! Once everything with the booking is done, it’s time for us to meet and start the photo tour. We will show you to the best spots in the city, based on what you want and may like while taking pictures of you along the way. If there’s a particular place you’ll like to get some more photos, just let us know, and we stop. This is both a non-posed and posed photo-shoot, ok? So the result will be a mixture of both.

But more than that it’s an experience where you can learn from the culture, language and hidden gems of your destination. It is not just about the photo; you’re hiring an expert in Berlin that happens to be a professional photographer too. So don’t worry if your time here in short and you want to explore and learn, we’ll make sure to include everything.

Think of us as that friend you’re visiting in Berlin, and we happen to be a super talented photographer!


And don’t worry about the time to get the pictures! We’ll deliver everything from a maximum of three days after our lovely day together.

You’ll get everything on your email, as a link, so you can download all the hi-resolution photos on any computer, from any location. And if you’re traveling with just your phone, let us know so we can downsize your images to save space on your mobile, ok?

The images will be up in a private online gallery for up to 30 days, so you can have more than enough time to save them everywhere.

Fill out the form below or send us an email to book your photoshoot

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Your Subject

    When are you going to be in Berlin? (required)

    Which pack do you want?

    Your Message


    You: How many people can take part in this photo tour?
    FVPS: For the Basic and Classic, it is 1-3 people for better usage of the time. We don’t want to deliver a work where is not 100% up to your expectations, so due to the time limit, we learned that it is best to keep it small. But if you’re in a bigger group, don’t worry. The Perfect and Delux, we can talk about the size of the group per email.

    You: How long before my trip to Berlin should I book the photo tour?
    FVPS: We strongly suggest you book your photo tour 2 or 3 weeks or more in advance, but the sooner, the better. But keep in mind that we will always do our best to take last minute bookings to happen, but sometimes it is not always possible. If we’re in town, you’ll get us for sure!

    You: What happens if any of us are running late?
    FVPS:  We strongly suggest everybody have a working internet connection while traveling, we’re available on WhatsApp and Telegram, so you don’t need to ruin your bank account with roaming fees. But feel free to call or text us as soon as you realize you’ll be late, ok? We may have another photo tour after yours and might not be able to compensate by staying longer with you. As a rule of thumb, try to arrive 10 or 15 minutes before to avoid any surprises.

    You: What if it’s raining?
    FVPS: Unless there is an earthquake, a tornado, a tsunami or flood we will continue with the photo tours. We might have to change the itinerary but nothing major. Besides, only on rare occasions, Berlin’s rains last more than 30 minutes. They can happen several times a day, but usually, they last for a short period of times.

    You: How’s the payment?
    FVPS: We’ll charge 25% of the amount to save the date for you, and the rest will be paid in cash on the day of the shooting. We accept PayPal or bank transfer.

    You: Do you make cancellations or do you reschedule?
    FVPS: Of course! Just make sure that you do that with at least 72 hours in advance, ok? We’ll issue 80% refund for any cancellation within 72 hours, and we will not issue any refund for cancellations that don’t respect this. For reschedule, the rule is similar, 72 hours before everything is good and if you don’t respect that, you’ll need to pay another 50% of the total amount for choosing another date/time.

    You: We are having a fantastic experience, can we purchase extra time?
    FVPS: Without a doubt! Depending on your original booking, the additional time can be from 100 to 200/hour. And of course, the number of photos delivered will increase too.

    You: When will we receive our photos?
    FVPS: Your high-res images will be in your inbox 1-3 days after the shoot and will be in your private online gallery for up to 30 days. If you’re traveling for more than that with only your phone, let us know so we can give you extra time there and your photos in a smaller size, so you don’t need to screw your phone’s memory. We won’t charge for this.

    And don’t forget to tag us @fotostrasse and/or #fotostrasse if you share them on social media. We reaaally like to see out there the results of what we do here.

    You: Am I the owner of the photos?
    FVPS: As the customer, you have the right to use the any of the images for personal use only and may not use or sell the photos for commercial purposes.