Going Local is a series of interview we are doing with people living and exploring Berlin. Our idea is to show how Berlin can be such a different city from person to person and to get some tips from places that we should know but we don’t.

This is our goal with Going Local in Berlin and Chris was the first person that came into my head when we started thinking about this series of interviews. Chris was born in Spandau and lived there for quite a while until he moved to Schöneberg and realized that his mixed origins where more common than he thought.

His mother is Thailand and his father is from Germany and growing up biracial in Spandau was weird since everyone around him looked german, except him. Nowadays, he doesn’t question his identity anymore and he blames this on Berlin, a city that he learned to love.

The best part of Berlin to Chris is the multi cultural side of the city. You don’t have to group yourself into a culture, Berlin has space for everything. Every ethnicity has a space here in Berlin and this is what makes this city so special.

Chris got his abitur in Reinickendorf and after he got his degree, he went to work as a media designer in Prenzlauer Berg while he lived in Wedding. Right now, he splits his time between his home in Köpenick and his work in Kreuzberg, where we met him and manage to find time to ask him a few questions about his favorite places in Berlin.

Below you can read about his favorite places and take notes to explore them later.

Baba Sultan in Wedding

Baba Sultan is a turkish restaurant in Wedding that is famous for its köfte and the traditional way that they prepare their ayran. When he lived in Wedding, Chris used to go there all the time.

You should go there when you’re really hungry and get a plate for something like 11€. You are not going to regret and you’re not going to leave this restaurant with an empty stomach.

Kanun Chicken in Moabit

According to Chris, Kanun Chicken is the best alternative to KFC that Berlin has to offer. There, your chicken doesn’t come with any glutamate and is half the price! The chickens are grilled over charcoal and that makes the taste even better.

But the best thing about this place isn’t the chicken but the garlic paste that comes as a dip. That is what makes this chicken restaurant in Moabit a place we all should visit.

Dan Dana 1 Shisha Lounge in Neukölln

If you like to smoke water pipe, Chris says that Dan Dana 1 is the best shisha bar in Berlin. Located close to Südstern, this place shouldn’t be confused with Dan Dana 2 in Kurfürstenstraße. Both places are owned by the same guy but the one in Neukölln is better.

But Chris told us that he doesn’t go there only to smoke. This place has a secret and it is a Kit Kat Milkshake that is to die for. We need to try it out!

Prince Charles in Kreuzberg

If you are tired of standing awkwardly at electro clubs and don’t want to listen to trash chart techno anymore, you should try Prince Charles in Kreuzberg. They are famous for their hip hop nights that play the classics from the 90’s to new skool and you should follow Chris on this one.

Burgers Berlin in Schöneberg

If you are sick and tired of the Berlin hype about burgers, you need to try Burgers Berlin in Schöneberg. Their burgers are great, the staff is friendly and the Süßkartoffelpommes are a hit. It is never crowded and you can have your burgers without the hype from other places.

Udagawa in Charlottenburg

Udagawa is a japanese restaurant by vietnamese people. When you visit this place, you need to try the tonkatsu, the best one in Berlin according to Chris. Also, you need to try the regular chicken katsu with rice and coleslaw with spicy sauce. If you are a fan of spicy food, you are going to love this last combination.

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Going Local in Berlin is a series of interviews that we are doing with people that live and enjoy Berlin. You can read more interviews filled with tips here.


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