Going Local is a series of interview we are doing with people living and exploring Berlin. Our idea is to show how Berlin can be such a different city from person to person and to get some tips from places that we should know but we don’t.

Today we will present you with Going Local in Berlin with Guillaume Winandy, a awesome punk rocker from Belgium that is living in Berlin for quite some time right now.

He used to sell records for CoreTex records during the day and he has just released a cd with his new record Label, the Dirty Six Records. Besides his work with the record label, Guillaume also helps the scene in other ways, he is renting backline for bands that are touring in Europe.

If you like punk and wanna support the Berlin Scene, join us and Dirty Six on his newest event at Cassiopeia this summer (2015). Find the info and everything else on this link.

So, back to the top 5 for Guillaume:

Going to CoreTex records grab a beer and listening to music

I guess this is the most important record store in Berlin for the punk and HC scene. The store is open for over 27 years and has everything from vinyls, boots, t-shirts, their own beer and concert tickets.

I guess CoreTex meant so much for Google employees that until recently, somebody on Google (?) named the Oranienstr as CoreTexstr. I’ve asked around about this so many times and no one from the store seems to know the real story behind this. Now the “problem” is fixed but for us it will be forever CoreTexStrasse.

Going to a show in Wild@heart

And do not forget to get a cocktail and a burger before at Tiki Heart.

Both business belongs to the same awesome owner and they are one next to the other, giving you the chance of having a great place for a warm up party with your friends and then jump to a great concert next door!

Going to the Ramones Museum

I’ve talked about this place a few days ago here and a while ago here, so I guess you have no choice but going to this awesome place.

Going Local in Berlin with Guillaume Winandy

Guillaume also points out that if you’re lucky, you might even get to hear and acoustic show while enjoying your beverage in the comfort of the Ramones’ Temple.

Do the punk bar tour in Kreuzberg

This basically means that you need to eat first if you want to survive, ok? The music is great and the prices are fantastic!

The tour bar includes names like Franken Bar, TrinkTeufel, Jail Bar, Milchbar and Rock’n’Roll Herberge – This last one being one of the most rock’n’roll hostels in Berlin.

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Why you must do this? Because it is still the real deal! In Guillaume words:

“You can still smoke in the bar, they don’t close and it’s not possible to not listen punk/rock hardcore in all of them”.

Get lost in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg, specially the 36 area, it is full of great landmarks for people in love with Rock icons. There you will find So36 for a great night, Görlitzer Park for a place in the sun, Kottbusser Tor for cheap beer, Mariannenplatz for a nice time out outside the madness and part of the Spreeufer for a nice and relaxing beer by the water.

There’s way more in Kreuzberg than those places, of course, I’m just point it out that is an extremely cool part of Berlin and, even though it is full of tourist 24/7, you can still find cool things to do, awesome record shops to go and some occasional oasis in between the fast pace that Kreuzberg offers.

Going Local in Berlin is a series of interviews that we are doing with people that live and enjoy Berlin. You can read more interviews filled with tips here.


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