Inma Gregorio is one of the best people you could ever meet on the road. She’s fun, pretty, likes to party, and she’s from Galicia – one of the most beautiful places in Europe as far as Fotostrasse is concerned. We’re dying to visit her there sooner than later!

Jose, her boyfriend, and she run the blog A World to Travel together. A World to Travel is a travel blog like Fotostrasse, but with more of a focus on the outdoors and festivals. If you don’t already follow them, it is about time to do so.

We met over one year ago in Sweden, and since then, we’ve kept in contact. They are some of the best bloggers we’ve had the pleasure to meet through Fotostrasse.

We’ve asked Inma to name her recommendation for the top 5 places to visit and things to do in the region of Galicia. Here are the five places to add to your bucket lists:

Road trip the Galician coastline

Almost one-third of the Spanish shoreline belongs to this North West region, and I can ensure you’d be missing out if you skip this one.

From Ribadeo (my hometown, by the way!) to Tui by the Portuguese border, you will find more EU blue flagged beaches than you could dream of: Cliffs, iconic capes and welcoming Galician fishermen villages to feed your wanderlust.

Ortegal Cape. #Galicia

“Ortegal Cape. #Galicia”

Get a van or grab a tent and book yourself a 1-week-budget adventure. Thank me later!

Chill in Ourense’s termas

Choose between the fancy ‘Chavasqueira’ or ‘Outariz’ Spas (about EUR5 for a one h 30min session) or head to the free public termas of Outariz (again) or Burgas de Canedo.

Probably one of the most significant assets to start a city right there from the Roman times 2000 years back, today locals and tourists enjoy the warm waters that pop out of the ground at different temperatures. Thermal properties and accessibility make them enjoyable day and night.

Eat (and drink) locally.

Every restaurant, bar and deli – even the tiniest holes in the wall! – should have the following dishes on their menu. Do not hesitate here and order them all. Perfect size to share; that is how we do it every time we go out, and play is social.

  • First things first, your beer of choice should be ‘Estrella Galicia’ (blonde, you can’t go wrong with it) or, alternatively, ‘1906’ a bit darker and winner of every beer award out there.
  • Padron peppers. Some will be hot; some won’t. An all-time favourite conversation usually starts when someone explains which ones should be the chosen super hot ones and which ones are safe (and duller). Anyhow, they are tiny bits of deliciousness straight from our backyards, fried in olive oil and topped with thick salt.
  • Potato omelettes. I don’t think this one needs a further description.
  • ‘Raxo’. Small pork steaks, usually accompanied by fries.
  • ‘Pulpo á feira’ or ‘octopus Galician style’. It might not look good, but it is one of our most internationally recognized signature dishes. Go for it!
  • Empanada. As the Argentinians, but bigger. Oven-baked pastry with pretty much anything seasonal inside.

Walk the latest 100km of the Camino.

Maybe you are a super hiker and want to do it from the beginning (wherever that is, usually your own region if you are European or Roncesvalles – near the France/ Spain border if you fancy walking the ‘French Way’ BUT if you are like me, the last hundred km will do just fine).

I did the walk when I was 13, and I still have some vivid memories like how it was to sleep in a monastery or meet fellow pilgrims on The Way to Santiago de Compostela. I also recall the pain and exhaustion, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you schedule your journeys according to how fit you are and your own comfortable pace.

Do not forget to collect your Camino passport on your first day and find the buildings where it has to be stamped every time you pass by a marked town. Arriving at the end on foot and witnessing the impressive Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral in front of you – even if you aren’t into religion! – can’t be compared to anything else. It’s hands down a once in a lifetime experience! And in case you are wondering how to pack for this trip, here is a great Camino de Santiago packing list.


Get lost in the Atlantic islands of Cities and Ons

In Galicia, there are several protected natural regions; but, if you need to choose the real deal, our most treasured jewels are within the ‘National Park of Atlantic Islands’: Ons and Cies. Already pretty known, Cies has one of the best beaches globally, which makes it into the papers now and then: Rodas.

But you don’t have to head to the most touristy spot necessarily. Choose Ons instead for a more calm and off the beaten path experience, and you’ll swim in the same turquoise – freezing – water, have a few hiking trails to keep you active and witness the most amazing sunsets from their stunning viewpoints, usually by the lighthouses.

Oh boy, is Galicia a paradise on earth!

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