Lucie Aidart is the responsible for on of the biggest travel blogs in France, the Voyages et Vagabondages. The blog is mainly about women traveling alone around the world – Lucie is one of the few people I know that actually did that! She even went to Antarctica!

But enough about us explaining who she is, lets leave this to her.

Who is Lucie Aidart?

Hi guys, my name is Lucie, I’m a 28 year ­old French girl addicted to travel. I’m a translator, writer and travel blogger currently embracing the nomadic lifestyle.

I was based in London for three years, which still remains my favorite city to this day. When I don’t travel or blog, you can find me reading a book, at the movies, at the pub with friends or dancing at a music festival.

See London from above

I love seeing London from above and there are so many places you can do it from in London to get a different view or a different height.

View from One New Change

While the Shard is probably the best (and the most obvious) viewpoint in London, it’s also probably the most pricey. So I would recommend One New Change, a shopping center next to St Paul’s. You can climb to the top, on the roof and enjoy the view. It’s particularly spectacular at sunset.

There is a bar, but you don’t have to buy a drink to enjoy the terrace. Try to arrive early, as there is a queue to go up and you might miss sunset.

Escape the crowds in Greenwich

I recommend Greenwich to all newcomers to London for its market, the viewpoint, the huge park, the museum, the Greenwich meridian, the university, the river walk, the cute streets and so on. Definitely a must do away from the usual tourist crowds.

Go to a free concert or comedy

Every night of the week, there is something happening at the Bedford in Balham, a pub located in South West London. There are a lot of free events, including regular free live music, with really good and upcoming bands. Perfect for a cheap night on the town.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Splendid [Explored]
There are lots of free museums in London and they are all worth a visit, but Victoria and Albert Museum is my favorite, for it’s craziness, the different collections and the fact that you can actually get lost there. It happened to me several times and you discover a new room each time you go.

Sapori Sardi, the best Sardinian food in London

I tried out a lot of restaurants around town and Sapori Sardi is my favorite. Cosy, sometimes very romantic, they serve the best Sardinian (and possibly Italian) food in London. It’s worth going South to try out the mussels, their pasta, the risotto or even their mouthwatering desserts. Enjoy!

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