My name is James Cave. I’m a freelance writer, currently living in Lisbon. Originally from Ireland, I’ve spent the past decade or so living in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and South Africa.

I have strong connections to Portugal – my brothers were both born here, and my parents have lived here for coming up on two decades. I started Portugalist because I felt there was very little written about Portugal, and I wanted to share my love of it with the world. Over here and on my blog you’ll find a lot of tips on what to do in Lisbon and the whole Portugal.

Going Local shows you Palavra de Viajante

Palavra de Viajante is a travel bookshop, and it’s one of my favorite bookshops in the whole world. The shop is small, although it’s easy to spend an hour in there without realizing it. A must-go place in every what to do in Lisbon list.

The books are loosely split up by country, and you can “travel the whole world” looking at the fiction and non-fiction books from that country. It is fantastic!

I love reading fictional books set in a country that I’m visiting, don’t you? And Palavra de Viajante is great for finding those books.

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The best pastel de nata by Going Local in Lisbon


I’ve been on a hunt for the best pasteis de nata in Lisbon ever since moving here. Pastéis de Nata are more commonly known as Portuguese custard tarts, although I prefer to use their proper name.

The best pastel de nata may well come from the café credited with the recipe. A place you can read about it here on this post where Marcela talks about Pastéis de Belem. But that café is so crowded that it often doesn’t make for a very nice dining experience.

My go-to pastelaria is currently Manteigaria at the Time Out Market in Cais do Sodré. Their natas are just about perfect, and there’s a large window there where you can watch them being made.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

What to do in Lisbon is what to eat in Lisbon


Seeing as we’re on the subject of cakes, I might as well continue with it!

These days, most people know about pastéis de nata. You can find them in most major cities, and even some fast food outlets.

Although this is Portugal’s best contribution to the world of cakes, it isn’t its only one. Portugal has loads of different types of cakes, but most people tend to head straight for the pasteis de nata.

The cake selection in most Portuguese cafés will vary, but one cake you’ll find in most cafés is the Bolo de Arroz. This is essentially a rice flour cupcake or muffin with sugar and lemon peel. It’s not too sweet, especially in comparison to some other Portuguese cakes.

One café where you’ll find them (I know because I just ate there) is Pastelaria Galão in Alcântara.


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