Going Local with Fotostrasse

And show the world why you love your city

Going Local is a series of fantastic interviews with people from all over the world that want to show you the local side of all the cities, regions and more. We ask them five really local places, we give you the map, and we show the world the hidden secrets of the world one city at a time.

Please take a look at some of our posts and if you feel inspired to share some secrets from your city with the Fotostrasse family, feel free to do it so! We would gladly appreciate and remember: there’s no boring town, there are only unknown destinations.

Discover the most amazing tram ride in Moscow, the greatest view from Galicia, the best view of São Paulo and the best bars in Berlin. If you want to take part in it, fill the form below!

Please remember that we will only accept images that are either yours or for which you have permission to use.


  • Images are only in a landscape mode (a.k.a. they are wider and not taller) with a maximum of 1000 pixels of width. And images should not be heavier than 150kb, please.


  • Please choose places that are unique to you. Think that you’re showing your city to a loved one that is visiting you. Think about that specific place with an awesome milkshake or that special place in a park. You can read some of the examples of what we want here.
  • Keep descriptions understandable but not too long or too short. From 150 to 400 words per item is more than ok.
  • Only use images you are the author or images from a free image bank. When using the second option, please mention the website you used at the end of the text. No posts with unclarified imagery will be posted. We take copyright seriously.
  • If you can’t give us the exact location or the website or the facebook of the place, maybe this is not the best place to include. But by any means, this is to discourage you from saying things like “A walk around this whole street” or “Discover all the shops in this neighborhood,” ok? We want exact locations when they are needed only.
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