Gozleme Restaurant is one of these places that we always walked in front of but never felt like we should go in. Now, we can say that it was a mistake to ignore this restaurant for so long. It was there that our love for Manti appeared. Every time we feel like eating another manti, we know it is time to visit the Gozleme Restaurant again since it is the best manti in Berlin.

Gozleme Manti 01

By now, you may be asking yourself What is Manti?

Let me try to explain that. Manti are dumplings that are popular is most turkic cuisines, according to Wikipedia. The history says that Manti is believed to be originated by Uyghur Turks living in China and it ended up being carried across Central Asia to Anatolia by migrating mongolian people back on the 13th century. The turkic and the mongol horsemen on the move were supposed to be carrying frozen or dried manti that were easy and quick to be boiled on a camp fire. This is how this tasty food arrived in Turkey.

Since manti is so wide-spread around turkic cuisines, every region has a different way of doing it. The manti you are going to have at the Gözleme Restaurant is the turkish one and, since it is the only one we ever tried, we can say it is out favorite type of manti. You can choose between potato or meat fillings and it will be served with a mix of yogurt and garlic, spiced with red pepper powder. It is easy to say by the pictures here that it is amazing.

Gozleme Manti 03

Gozleme Manti 02

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What else should you try at Gozleme Restaurant?

But manti is not the only thing Gözleme Restaurant knows how to do it. They do such a great gözleme that it is the name of the restaurant. I am not sure which is my favorite gözleme filling since I try a different one every time we go there. But I can say that you can try anything there that it will be amazing. We guarantee.

Don’t be afraid of the simple look of the Gözleme Restaurant. The focus here is not how beautiful everything is. The focus here is great turkish food for great prices and they do this with praise. You must go to Neukölln and try this great turkish restaurant.

Gozleme Manti 04

Gozleme Manti 05


Gozleme, the Best Manti that Berlin has to offer

You can find Gözleme Restaurant on Karl Marx Strasse 35 in Neukölln. It is really close to Hermannplatz and you will not have any problem finding the place.