Helsinki from Above

a Helicopter ride over Helsinki

One of the nicest and craziest moments we had on #NBEFinland, was the opportunity of seeing Helsinki from above. It is pretty amazing the feeling on getting inside a helicopter and having a look of all your favorite spots. Let me tell you more about it right now.

During the NBE Finland, there were several activities planned for us, and when I say us, I mean the 58 bloggers that made it to the final list. We were divided into groups and some of us went to the helicopter tour. Me and Felipe chose the same tour because we could not agree on who would take this ride and who would go to the next activity on the list. Every option was great but the helicopter… ah the helicopter was exceptional. And it’s something that you don’t do everyday, right?

Helsinki Cathedral from Above

Helicopter helsinki-88

The Uspenski Cathedral

So, in the morning we took a bus from downtown Helsinki all the way to different hotel far away in the northeast part of Helsinki on the way to Sigurd Steniuksen Puisto, one of the many parks inside the Helsinki area. The name of the hotel was Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa Hotel and we went all the way over there because they have a pier and a great open space, perfect for a helicopter to land.

The frozen landscape from the the Hilton is chin dropping. The place seems really quiet and the integration between the nature and comfort is really prominent from the moment you lay your eyes on the hotel and its surroundings.

Olympic Stadium

The Church by the Rock from Above

Helsinki Cathedral from Above

After a quick introduction of how things would work out and how many people could the helicopter fit, we were divided into 4 groups and each group had its 20 or 25minutes ride to see, film and photograph everything they could.

I have to confess here that I was really jealous of Felipe since he manage to get the best sit in the helicopter on his turn. I had to sit in the back and my only window was not clear enough for great pictures, but I understand since they choose the place for you depending on your height and weight, for balance purposes, and as a 175cm girl, I had to be in the back.

Frozen Islands


Helicopter helsinki-25

a Helicopter Ride over Helsinki

The company responsible for the helicopter, Rotorway, were fantastic and really competent! We used the 6 places helicopter they had, the Bell 206L Long Ranger. If you ever have the chance to do that, I strongly recommend this guys. All the equipment were new, the helicopter was in a amazing condition and I felt safe, and you will not enjoy the ride of almost 4000m above the sea level if you do not feel safe, right?

Helicopter helsinki-127

Helicopter helsinki-158

Helicopter helsinki-114

Helicopter helsinki-61

Helicopter helsinki-47

Helicopter helsinki-183

These are some of the astonishing images me and Felipe did from above. And one of those images were chosen by I wish I was in Finland and it was the first time ever we get more than 1500 likes in one of our pictures! All those things makes the name of this Facebook page a mantra to us, I indeed wish I was in Finland again.

You can book your own helicopter ride above Helsinki with the amazing guys at Rotorway. Get in touch and see this beautiful city from above.

And you, have you ever experience Finland from above like this?

More photos are available on our facebook page, go and check it out all the cool Helsinki landmarks from above!

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