I’ve spent 6 nights at the the InterContinental Bucharest during the #EnjoyBucharest campaign and I didn’t want to leave! Maybe it was the spa, maybe it was the breakfast, maybe the bed, or the view or maybe it was just a mix of everything.

At the end I felt so comfortable in this hotel room that I had to sleep with the window open to be able to wake up for everything Bucharest has to offer.

Enjoy Bucharest

If you follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook and snapchat you know that in April, Fotostrasse went to Romania for the first time (of many!).

Bucharest is a wonderful city full of new, crazy and incredible people! You can read everything we wrote about this amazing city following our tag #Bucharest. Do this and comeback to this post, I’m sure that once you get to know a bit more about Bucharest, it will be on your must-go list and you will need a hotel recommendation for sure!

There are too many hotels in Bucharest to choose, it is safer to go for the one you know what to expect.

InterContinental Bucharest, you can trust the name

Intercontinental is one of the most known hotel chains around the globe, and you know, with big names usually comes great quality. This Intercontinental kept the high standards with grace and elegance.

From the breakfast buffet all the way to the pillow menu card, this hotel is amazing. Located in the heart of Bucharest with easy access to every cool bar around the old town. In a 5-10 minute walk to fantastic restaurants, Intercontinental is worth every penny you invest. The price range is relatively low for a 5 star hotel.

Hotels in Bucharest Intercontinental

InterContinental Building

The prices for a room at InterContinental Bucharest ranges from 155€ on the normal room all the way to 350€ + for the Junior suite. The room I was at was the Deluxe Room and it was fantastic, tea and coffee facilities, bathroom with shower and bath, big and comfy bed plus an chin cropping view from the 17th floor of one of the tallest buildings in Bucharest.

Highlights of the InterContinental Bucharest

It is worth to mention that included on my stay was the usage of sauna, pool, jacuzzi and gym. I usually don’t care about this but since all those things were located on the last floor and you can bee in the jacuzzi facing the whole city, I thought it was worth a mention on the highlights.

Besides the amenities mentioned above, a great thing I must highlight is the breakfast buffet. I’m a huge fan of real eggs in the morning and InterContinental offers a chef dedicated only to prepare the eggs you want, the way you want it. Bucharest is well known for its nightlife. So the eggs in the breakfast makes a huge difference for your hangover on the next day!


And last but not least, I gotta point it out that the internet is quite decent for a hotel.

I don’t know you guys, but I find it really frustrating when I’m a fancy hotel and the internet just doesn’t work like it should. To be honest, it was not the fastest internet I’ve had, but for sure was the most stable connection I’ve experienced in months!

And no blocked websites either, ok? Some hotels have internet connections that either make it impossible to access instagram, facebook or even twitter. Have you seen that? I really don’t get it why some hotels do that, but InterCon does not!

Hotels in Bucharest Intercontinental

The view from my room

Overall, how was InterContinental Bucharest?

I 100% recommend the InterContinental to make your stay in Bucharest memorable. The building is old and chic, the decor of the place follows the same line as the building itself, it is the tallest building in the area so you will have a fantastic view of the whole city and that alone, is reason enough for you to choose InterContinental Bucharest as your hotel.

Hotels in Bucharest Intercontinental

They even give you a bed time story everyday. Cute.

As you expect, the 5 star comes with impeccable cleanliness, toiletries that you can use and will not damage your hair nor your skin, great facilities and most important of all, the best sheets and pillows you can ever ask for.

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