Lia's Kitchen for #52weeksofBurgers

Vegan Burgers in Prenzlauer Berg

We are in the last month of the #52weeksofburger challenge and nothing fairer than visiting another vegan place such as Lia’s Kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg. Lia’s Kitchen is an entirely vegan venue, with the main focus on the different kinds of vegan patties that fill their burgers up.

Lia’s Kitchen is quite small but cozy, with very few tables on the inside and bigger ones on the outside. So if you are considering going with a lot of people, make sure it is on a warmer/dryer day. As usual, order by the counter and grab it later.

We ate The Oyster-Shiitake Mushroom Burger (€8.9) with a shiitake and black lentils patty, salad, and mustard sauce. We both got the same burger, but completely different opinions on it. Felipe loved it for the abundance of mustard (it is his favorite condiment) and a denser bread. For me, the food was a bit too thick in comparison to the very soft, almost paté like shiitake patty.

Every time we took a bite, the patty squished through the sides, and while chewing, it melted in my mouth, and all it was left was bread and (a lot of) mustard. Textures aside, this was a delicious creation, maybe just not for me.

We got our burgers in the menu option, with fries, coleslaw, and a drink for an extra €4,9 or sweet potato fries, coleslaw, and a drink for €5,9. The coleslaw was a bit underwhelming, the fries were pretty lovely, but we fell in love with the vegan mayos here, both spicy and regular ones are delicious.

Overall, this is a delightful vegan place, but not mind-blowing. We might come back with vegan friends and try the other options, but not something we would leave our house to go to. We rate it a 7/10.

Lia's Kitchen



Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin

Price Range?

The Oyster-Shiitake Mushroom Burger was €8,9 and the menu with fries, coleslaw, and a drink is an extra €4,9

Who will like this place?

If you want to grab some excellent chips with a delicious vegan mayo this is for you. Not our favorite vegan place, but a reliable option anyway.

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