Loveburger for #52weeksofBurgers

Vegan burgers in Neukölln
Fotostrasse decides to leave all meat out of this week’s menu, and munch at the vegan Loveburger in Neukölln. Loveburger is a decently sized and recently opened 100% vegan burger place in Neukölln, so we decided to give it a go.

We got there on a Thursday evening, the place is beautifully decorated. And the staff is lovely, it seems inviting both for a quick bite or a more extended, chatty meal.

Felipe ordered the Italienisch (€7,9) with a homemade Italian patty with green lentils and veggies, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions, red peppers, sundried tomatoes, olives, ketchup, and basil mayo. This was awesome, super flavorful and fresh.

I love when veggie burgers don’t try to look like they are meat, and this one takes all the freshness of the ingredients to the next level.

I got the special burger Indonesisch (€8) with marinated teriyaki tempeh and pumpkin, baked aubergine, Asian plum BBQ sauce, sesame mayo, perilla, peanuts, lettuce, cucumbers, red peppers, onions, and mint. This was a more massive burger with the creaminess of the tempeh and the pumpkin. But the cucumbers and mint balanced that quite a bit, and I am a massive fan of the crunchy random peanuts in the middle of it to bring another texture to the game.

We are not big fans of the bread, it felt a bit dry, but the rest is super fresh and tasty.

We ordered some Sweet Potato Fries (€3,50), delicious but nothing too out of the ordinary, and some Potato Wedges (€2,50), and these are our absolute favorite, excellent rustic fries with a crunchy outside and an almost creamy and fluffy inside. Both came with ketchup and mayo that were also very good. They have an excellent range of craft beers and a lot of options for soft drinks.

Overall this is a lovely comfy place to eat an excellent vegan burger that makes the best out of their fresh ingredients. We rate it a 7/10.




Treptower Str. 90, 12059 Berlin

Price Range?

The Italienisch burger was €7,90, the delicious Wedge Fries with ketchup and mayo were €2,50, and the drinks are around €3.

Who will like this place?

If you want a fresh and tasty vegan burger in a comfy location, this is for you. It is not as mindblowing as Ryong burgers are for us, but it is a pretty honest burger place indeed.

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