You have to see Make Me a German below as a British joke on Germany. If you don’t see it like that, I don’t think you will enjoy it as much as I did. If you do, maybe, it will help you with some things that tricked me for a while. Like how productive Germans can be, how much do they love beer and potatoes and, of course, how they take care of children.

After being here in Berlin for a while, I find it somewhat funny to see the reactions people have to things that I, now, take for granted. I loved when the man in the video above realized how his daily life at the office would be like. I love it when he realizes how much beer and potatoes he will have to eat during his brief stay in Germany. It might be a joke, but this is pretty close to what I see every day here in Berlin.

This country has lots to teach the world. This I know for sure. And you can see this happening in the video, during the day to day life of this couple exploring Germany, starting from Nuremberg. Personally, what I liked the most is how much beer and meat is important to Germany and some of the curiosities that you only learn about the place after living there for a while. Like silent Sundays where nothing can be done and no shops open. That is really Germany.

Via Make me a German on BBC

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