The largest BMX park in Europe is still a Berlin's hidden gem
In one of the areas of Berlin where you rarely read about in Berlin guides, Köpenick is the largest outdoor sports park in the whole of Europe. The name is Mellowpark, and the complex was designed for BMX and skateboarding, but you can go there just for a relaxing beer if you want.
Mellowpark is located right in front of Berlin’s beloved football team’s station, An der Alten Försterei. And yes, this blog is a Union Berlin supporter!

This park is enormous, its the whole area stretches for over 60km, and if you’re not really into sports on wheels, you can go for stand-up paddling, hiking and more.

Mellowpark is vital for the BMX and Skate culture in Berlin

Germany has a long and troublesome history of skating culture, as some of you know. It went from being considered an activity reserved for the anarchists and counter culture of the ’70s and ’80s, to become 100% legitimized into the popular, competitive sport that it is today. Mellowpark plays a vital role in today’s skate culture in Berlin and Europe. Skateparks are the playgrounds of skating enthusiasts, from ramps, half-pipes, and rolls. And this one has the largest dirt track of the entire continent!

Mellowpark opens its doors back in the 90s. To be more precise, 1994. Mellowpark aspired to be a sports and leisure park for teens and their families. If you’re a bit familiar with how Germany is with their youth, the government fosters a lot of projects to young kids, teens and more. Just give a search to “Youth Clubs in Berlin,” and you’ll find a massive list of all them.

Mellowpark is open all year round, but it is an especially excellent summer spot!


Mellowpark sprawls across more than 60 square kilometers and comprises outdoor and indoor facilities. As mentioned before, you can go for hiking trails, skating areas, beach volleyball, SUP, camping, BMX and much more. Mellowpark also has a lovely bar selling everything from food to sweets to drinks and soft drinks. And the prices are fantastic!

Mellowpark is especially surprising during the summer. It is fully open on Sundays, and since Berlin is becoming more and more annoying, making it impossible to find spätis open on Sundays and BBQ areas being close down, it is an excellent alternative for a beautiful summer day. You can even swim there if it is too warm!

Imagine you and your friends, having a cheap cold beer, sitting literally on top of the Spree… can you ask for more? I don’t think so!

Mellowpark is more than just sports

Mellowpark also holds music festivals and other kinds of events the entire year. Tickets are usually on the cheap side of life, and fun is guaranteed. BMX competitions, basketball matches, and even graffiti event are on the list of things happening there.

Some of the higher-profile tournaments held at Mellowpark are the Redbull Revolution bike race and an International and a German version of BMX Championship.
Those events welcome hundred of thousands of guests from around the world both to watch as well as compete.

Mellowpark is and hopefully will continue to serve as a vital and essential public space dedicated to the city’s youth culture. Mellowpark is a model for integrating urban youths into public areas across Europe and, why not saying, the world!
Plus, it is a significant curator for the tenacious BMX way of life on a national scale.

The park is open every day and tickets to use the tracks and other things, whenever you need them, start as low as only EUR 3.


An der Wuhlheide 250, 12459 Berlin

Opens Monday to Friday from 3pm to 8pm and weekends from 10am to 8pm.