Peter Pane for #52weeksofBurgers

German Fast Food at Friedrichstrasse
This week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, Fotostrasse goes to Friedrichstrasse to munch on some burger at Peter Pane, a large burger chain around Germany, with beautifully decorated restaurants. We thought this would be an excellent way to check for once what is the German take on burgers.
We made reservations and headed there on a Saturday around 1 pm, the place was not that crowded, but they had no place reserved indeed. The tables were quite uncomfortable and crowded with stuff; vases, candles, many bottles of condiments and glasses with cutlery and napkins, and the lamp was so low that we couldn’t see each other across the table.

Felipe ordered one of the 2019 bestsellers; The Joker (€12,50) with their Premium Black Angus beef patties, sliced apples, Bernstein cheese, pumpkinseed chips, salad, and barbecue sauce in a black bun. This burger was good; I enjoy the sweet tartness of the apples with the meat and cheese.

I got The Boss (€12,50) with the same patty, grilled oyster mushrooms, Monterey Jack cheese, truffle mayo, and bacon. This was also tasty, salty, and all. The thing with these burgers is that they were delicious, but they seemed a bit plasticky, kind of a big chain fast food feeling to it. We got their Sweet Potato Chips with basil mayo (€6,60) and their Truffle Chips (€7,90) with shaved Parmesan, truffle mayo, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, chives, and arugula. Both fries were delicious, way better than the burgers to be honest.

I also got the Basilikum Spritz (€6,60) with basil, ginger, mint, lime, and Prosecco. This was a very fake tasting drink, do not recommend at all. Felipe got a big beer (€4,90), way better.

This place gives me fast food vibes but faked as a fancy restaurant. Maybe if they were more sincere about it, the food would feel better than expected, but the whole restaurant vibes make you expect a lot more from it. The burgers in their regular menu are the same as most places we have been here in Berlin. There is always a Mexican food inspired, bacon and barbecue sauce, yadda yadda, the meat is also thin and well done, as usual, so it did make us understand more about the patterns we see in the burgers around here, sadly.

Overall, it is not a bad place, but it seems a bit pretentious for the quality of what we ate that day. The price is a bit high, the location is not that comfy, and the food is average. But they have a ton of vegan and vegetarian options. We rate it a 6/10.

Peter Pane



Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin

Price Range?

The Boss burger was €12,50, the Truffle Chips was €7,90, and the beer was €4,90.

Who will like this place?

If you are in the area and have no idea where to go, it might be a safe option. Keep in mind this will not blow your socks off, it is a more expensive fast food vibe, but they do have quite a lot of vegan and vegetarian burger options thought.

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