All you got to know about the Pfänder Mountain in Bregenz

And an awesome video about the summit covered in snow

The Pfänder is the backyard mountain of cute town of Bregenz, by the Bodensee. Or Lake Constance, you decide the name. If not even the people living by this lake can come to an agreement, who are we to decide, right? Bregenz is the main city on Vorarlberg in Austria and we have tons of posts about this beautiful region during the summertime, this time we decided to face the winter next to the Alps to bring you some of the best activities for Vorarlberg and Bregenz, And of course to show you some footage and photos of how the Pfänder looks in the winter, since it is not so easy to find information about the Pfänder covered in snow.

But back to the Pfänder, or Pfaender if you’re too lazy to use the umlaut.

To get the cable car up is super easy, it is located basically in the city center of Bregenz, a bit to the side. There’s also the option to hike your way to the top of the mountain, but I ain’t got time for that. #LazyTeamUnited

I also wanna add that both Lazy Team and Sports Team start their journey from very close, so the map I’m adding to the end of this post, works for all of us.

Legend has it it is impossible to get lost in this up the Pfänder trail due the sufficient signposting. And if you ever did the hiking way, please confirm that in the comments, please. Since I would never. Let’s just be 100% honest here, guys.

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Tickets for the Pfänderbahn (how Austrians call the cable car from the Pfänder) vary between 10 euros to 13 euros. Summer and winter have different prices; you can check the correct price and more info on their website. I strongly suggest that you take a look there since there are special offers for larger groups of 4 or more folks.

As you can see in some of the photos in this post and of course, on our video, we had no visibility whatsoever from the summit. And everything was closed. But we managed to do a penis of snow and to have a lovely time playing around. The photo of Marian is next to our beautiful work of art, but since snow is white and a penis made out of snow is also white, the contrast between those two very different colors was not so good. I apologize for any inconvenience and I leave it open an invitation for the next time we decide to do a snow-penis so you can see it live and tell your grandchildren about this remarkable experience.

In the summertime, the restaurants and more are open and usually a bit overcrowded. You can also find there a small zoo, a chapel, many viewpoints, a playground for kids, a weather station and a large radio and television transmitters.

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Once you’re up to the Pfänder, you will feel like you’re in a different village.

If you hate people, crowds and is going there just to take that fantastic shot of the Bodensee and the beautiful city under you, avoid weekends. Especially if you’re in Vorarlberg during summer. Austrians are just like any other northern Europeans that have to deal with snow and cold winter: every little tiny sun they can get, they will behave like your cat and just lay under the sunlight for hours. And this makes no sense at all to a Brazilian like myself, but this is a talk for another time.


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