As a beach resort town, Naples, Florida, is not wanting for breakfast options. Local restaurateurs know that vacationers want hearty, delicious breakfasts before they laze all day on the beach. For that reason, it might be hard to decide just where you’ll go on your lazy Floridian mornings. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down your options to the following five perfect places for brunch in Naples:

5 Perfect Places for Brunch in Naples, Florida

1. BALEEN Naples

Let’s start with the fanciest option first. BALEEN Naples is part of The Club at La Playa Beach & Golf Resort, but its stunning surrounds don’t start and end inside of this luxurious resort. Instead, brunch goers can sit on the beach if you so desire, digging your toes in the sand and staring out at the Gulf of Mexico. Just as dreamy are breakfast plates like malted-vanilla waffles, adobo-braised pork benedicts and southwest-style fried eggs served with crispy chorizo.

2. EJ’s Bayfront Café

At EJ’s Bayfront Café, the ingredients that go into your brunch dish are fresh and locally sourced. You can even grab a spot at the restaurant’s bar and watch as chefs whip up benedicts, egg skillets and fluffy pancakes while you sip a smoothie or a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Customers say it has that warm, cozy, “brunch” feeling, so if you’re looking for a traditional early-morning meal and atmosphere, this is your place.

3. USS Nemo Restaurant

Though it’s not quite set in a vessel, USS Nemo Restaurant makes you feel like you’re on a ship with the porthole windows that surround the dining room. You’ll also find the food is far beyond what you’d find in a galley kitchen, too, so it’s for the best this eatery stays put and continues serving upscale food.

They’re known for their seafood, so brunch would likely err on the lunch-ier side. Their miso-broiled sea bass is a local favorite, though they also serve up lighter salads, tacos and sandwiches with fresh seafood inside.

4. The Café

If you’re lucky enough to snag a table in The Café’s outdoor seating area, you can revel in that famous Florida sunshine while you eat brunch. This brunch-centric eatery has free refills on its coffee, too, so you can get cozy and catch up with a friend while you sip.

The kitchen staff handcrafts smoothies from raw ingredients. Try the D-Raw Detox if you imbibed the night before: kale, spinach, pineapple, banana, lime and almond milk will help you on the road to recovery. No matter what beverage you choose, breakfast is the main affair, and you can get brunch time classics, trendy plates — think: avocado toast — and even healthy bowls of oatmeal or Paleo-style salads.

5. Jane’s Café on Third

A peaceful weekend brunch may seem like a distant, impossible dream, but that means you haven’t seen the courtyard at Jane’s on Third. Leafy green trees hang overhead, creating a natural canopy. The courtyard’s salmon pink walls give off a tropical Floridian vibe, while the stone statue at the center of the outdoor eatery makes it just a bit more luxurious — in other words, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on vacation when you eat here.

The restaurant’s owners moved to Naples after long-time careers in banking that sent them across the world to live in New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and London. Now, they put all their focus on maintaining Jane’s on Third’s high quality, dishing out healthy food made from fresh ingredients. You will be glad you did when you try their custard French toast, veggie-stuffed omelets and ultimate breakfast sandwich stuffed with bacon, brie and garlic aioli.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the breakfast Naples has to offer, but it’s a great start to your search for the brunch that’ll hit the spot this weekend. All you have left to do is grab your fork and get ready for a delicious start to your day.

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