Prague Photos?

Let me show you where to go

Prague is a city that, just by walking around all you can think of is “Prague photos” “Photos!” “Aaaaahh.” This old little piece of beauty is one of Europe’s most charming cities we ever visited. And looking for the best photo spots can be somewhat exhausting. So I’ve done all the work for you, and I will include some out of the ordinary places too. Because sometimes the WOW effect of a travel photo comes from the unexpected subject in the picture. Especially in Prague.

Here in this post will also contain some profound and personal opinions about some of the places here. I am just giving you this disclaimer because could be that when you go, the site isn’t that crowded or the view is better. It is my experience here in this post, not the whole truth. And with that said, I will suggest the places that I know are awesome even though on the day of my visit, the entire thing was a disaster.

Prague photos, the list to have

Prague photos from and of Charles Bridge

No list for Prague photos would be completed without the most famous and beautiful bridge in Prague. The whole bridge is for pedestrians and not cars, which is impressive. But try to get there either really early or try to go late at night with a tripod.

In summary, the whole bridge is filled with tourists, artists, and locals trying to walk on a space that could fit 1/2 of the number of humans it has. Charles Bridge is super busy, except for early mornings and very late nights. Please remember that if you want photos better than the ones I have here to offer.

And because of that, for this particular spot for Prague photos, I will give you two locations for taking better pictures. But if you want a photo from the bridge, of the bridge, set your alarm for 5 am and get there by 6 or 7 am. #sadbuttrue

The bridge and the swans

First magical spot to visit is right by the water. There you can spot a whole bunch of beautiful swans is hanging out. It is between Charles Bridge and the next bridge you can see, right on the foot of Mánesův Most. Make sure you have some foodos for the birbos since this is the way to their hearts. And avoid bread since bread is simply not nutritious enough for them.

From the top of the world

Second magical spot is paid (mehhh) but it gives you incredible view of Prague (yayyyy!) It is paid but it is cheap and worth it. And it is from the top of the Tower on the Charles Bridge. The fee is about 4 euros, and you can have an incredible view of Prague and not only Charles Bridge.

Get there not later than 4 pm because the whole thing closes at 5. And they will start to kick you out by 4:30. But you can say that you know it closes at 5 pm, and you need a few more minutes for the perfect shot. They will understand. I know they did understand my reasons, even with an ugly face and a crappy attitude.

Prague Castle and surroundings

Of course that I would include on this list of where to go for Prague photos the main castle in town. But please read carefully: This place is beyond crowded.

I went there and gave up on entering the place since the line to go in was oh-my-god-please-save-me-from-this-hell. I am not kidding. The line was about 100 meters (or more) from the main entrance. And I am not counting the rest of the line that is after the gates, ok? I was in Prague in September for my birthday, which is the 21st. It is not high season, and it was like this. I cannot imagine how crowded this city is during summer.

Equally important to mention is, since I sent you all the way up there, please mind the view of the place. The castle is located on top of one of the hills, so the view is magnificent. You can see all Prague from there. Besides that, the fresh and unusual angles you can get from the stairs that lead you to the castle are a dream for every travel photographer.

I haven’t had time to try night photography there since I was busy getting drunk on my birthday. Near my hotel, we found tons of cool bars with beers for as cheap as 1€. Which reminds me of…

The old town of Prague

We stayed in the great and cute hotel near the Old Town of Prague, and that gave me loads of cool photo opportunities, both day and night time. The name of the place is Hotel Pav, and I’m mentioning them due to the proximity to great photo spots, sights and charming instagramable places such as those:

As I usually do, all those places will be on a huge map at the end of this list of Prague photos spots, and I will add Hotel Pav to it too. You can check more options for the other hotels in the center of Prague from the same hotel chain, and all of those looked pretty cool.  The Hotel also had a very decent breakfast included in the price, and that made a huge difference for us since we were trying to leave the hotel early enough to see the city not-so-crowded.

A disclaimer here: The Old Town square I am not adding (but I am in a way) to this list for two reasons. The first one because it is pretty obvious and the second reason is that I am very pissed that the Astronomical Clock was covered when I was there. But I mean, please go and enjoy. Just do it early in the morning or late in the night, just like you would do on Charles Bridge. If you get cool photos, post them on Instagram with the hashtag #Fotostrasse or share it with us on our Facebook group. I would love to see your Prague photos!

A tip that I have given here before and for Prague photos is mandatory for you to follow: look up! You might find a person or two hanging by an umbrella or something. =)

The old cemetery on the top of the hill

Quickly, answer now. Did you like my horror movie inspiration for this part of the list of Prague photos? I know you did! You are welcome!

So, one place that you can reserve maybe 3~4 hours to explore is the Vyšehrad. Vyšehrad is literally “upper castle” in Czech, and this vast complex is located on top of one of the hills in Prague. In a not-so-touristic area, which for me is a big plus.

Obviously, it is a must visit. And please, remember that I said it is located on a hill. in short, is quite steep the way up, but it is worth it. Please wear sneakers and please don’t be a smoker.

The Vyšehrad cemetery is the highlight of the place due to its amazing statues and art. The cemetery is located right by the Vyšehrad castle and contains the remains of great names like Antonín Dvořák. We have a whole post about this place, and I think it is worth to mention again due to the beauty of the entire area, the view you can have from there and the location.

And another tip I will give you here is to look for this building when you’re following your beloved Google maps to get there. When you see this building, you go up the street and stop following Google’s advice. This crappy app made us walk around 20 or 30 minutes more for reasons we can’t understand. Trust Fotostrasse and don’t trust Google. Trust me.

In addition to all I’ve said here, another high point of making it to this place is that you’re forced to get out of the city center and explore a different Prague. A more real, more local Prague.

And with this “realness” comes the perks, I found one of the best Czech food restaurants during my stay in Prague. Nobody speaks English, only locals eat there, the prices are fantastic, and the quality of food was far superior to the restaurants located inside the old town. The name of the place is Restaurace U Bansethů, and right next door is a bar from the same owner. Please remember to download Czech on your Google Translator. You will need it.

These ARE the Droids you are looking for

Another super curious spot I am going to include on this list of Prague photos places is a giant R2-D2 lost in Prague. This odd piece of art is a ventilation shaft.

“Ventilation Shaft, Marcela? What?” Yes! The R2-D2 is attached to a bunker buried beneath the Folimanka Park. And this park, as you can see, is in perfect sync if you decide to visit the Vyšehrad Castle and eat something at Bansethů.

There’s not much background to tell about this lost droid from a galaxy far, far away. All I could find is that an unknown group of street artists painted it and, even though graffiti is illegal, the mayor Jana Černochová said the decor on the shaft is an improvement to the unsightly vent! And no action will be taken by the authorities. How amazing is that?

John Lennon is alive in Prague

Prague is home of great artists such as Mucha, Kafka, and even Freud. Loads of people were born and died in this city but one of the greatest artists of all times is immortalized in a cute and secluded corner of this great city. John Lennon has its mural, and it is an excellent background for incredible photos.

In the past, it was a normal wall, but since the 80s it has been filled with pieces of lyrics from the Beatles, John Lennon’s inspired graffiti and more. Next to it, there is a bar that has the Beatles theme everywhere, but I found it to be a tourist trap 100%. So don’t fall for it like I did and spent more of your time admiring all the details of this incredible place.

A cool fact about this place is that in November 2014, a group of art students painted over the entire wall with white paint. They left only a text saying “Wall is Over”. After a bit of legal fights and a criminal complaint for vandalism, the students retract and now the wall is back to its glory. “Wall is over” is not “War is over.” And if you find it, take a photo and send to us on Instagram.

Charles Bridge


Prague Castle

Old Town Prague


Folimanka Park

John Lennon Mural

Hotel Pav

Restaurace U Bansethů

​I hope you enjoy this list showing you my favorite Prague photos spots. Above you can find the map with all the places, I mentioned here, including the restaurant and the hotel I recommended. This is the first post I’m doing after my September trip so if you want to see something more specific let me know on our Facebook Group. Can be anything from a complete review of the beers we had and were all the way to the best places to eat in Prague. Your imagination is the limit.