Prater Garten in Berlin was Fotostrasse’s introduction to biergarten in Berlin. Our first time there was a few weeks or days after we moved from São Paulo. Prater Garter is more than a biergarten; it is an institution. A vast and green biergarten and one of the best German Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. And in this text, we will not use the right version that is biergärten but the more relaxed version for people who are clueless about the German language. Don’t kill us when you read biergarten in Berlin.

If you’re visiting Berlin during the warm months, make sure you find time for a very German afternoon with their delicious beer and a bratwurst. And if you want to visit the restaurant, go for the schnitzel. You won’t regret.

Why Prater Garten and not any other biergarten in Berlin?

For the most part, other biergarten in Berlin will disappear next to the greatness and rich history of Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg.
Prater is the oldest and most famous biergarten in Berlin. For us, is on the same level of some we visited in Munich. Also, Prater Garten is a Berlin institution just like Komet Bernhard; you must know if you want to understand Berlin.

Located on majestic Kastanienallee, a famous street in Prenzlauer Berg. Prater Garten is known for serving quality beer and food since before 1850. The place survived two wars, the GDR and the Berlin wall and if this is not impressive enough, they can sit over 600 folks inside comfortably.

When does Prater Garten open?

Like most of biergarten in Berlin, Prater Garten is open from April to September. But only if the weather permits, ok? Since most of its tables are outside, if it is raining, the doors will remain shut. But you can always visit the restaurant they have. Remember what I told you about the schnitzel? But I will tell you more in a second.


Prater Garten, like the name suggests, looks a lot like a garden. Lots of traditional wooden tables and chairs take the whole green area. Also, you will find tables with sun and some in the refreshing shadow of some beautiful old trees. So if you’re a person like me, Marcela, you will have a place under the shadow and your partner, if s/he is like Marian, will be happy under the direct sun.

And even when the days are unbearably hot in the summer, a Fotostrasse’s approved way to keep yourself cool is a cold pint of Prater beer. And you can only get it there! Delicious and exclusive.
They have a divine Pils and a flavorful dark beer to choose if you’re taste buds want something darker.

If beer is not your thing, go for the 1920’s vibe that only this biergarten in Berlin has to offer. Prater is a must-go.

A little bit more about the Prater restaurant

Prater Garten is not only the most famous biergarten in Berlin. It is also an excellent German restaurant. So even if you’re in Berlin from October to March, you can still taste a little bit of the atmosphere of Prater. The restaurant is open all year round, and the name is Prater Gaststätte.

They serve the very typical food from Germany with a special menu for each special season. So you will find everything from white asparagus in April~June and goose during the holiday times.

Prater Gaststätte has a large indoor area and an excellent option for those rare warm days after October. A large veranda facing the biergarten.

Inside, you can’t help but feel a little bit like in the Cabaret movie. The 20s Weimar Republic vibe will be fully achieved when the place if at full capacity. So reserve your table and go during a weekend. You will get that German atmosphere.

A classic Berlin experience is what we’re offering you by suggesting this place

In the final analysis, all we need you to understand is that during summer time, it would be a sin to miss Berlin’s most iconic biergarten. It is a walking distance from landmarks like Mauerpark and Kulturbrauerei, so no excuse to miss it.

And even though Prater Garten is on one of the major streets in Prenzlauer Berg, it is very well hidden behind huge metal doors and a long path to the actual biergarten. It is a perfect place to get away from the craziness of Berlin during the summer busy streets. A laid-back hangout where Berliners, tourists, and hipsters of all ages share tables and beers.

Grab your pint, your sausage or corn on the cob and let a real Berliner experience sink into your soul.

Additionally, Prater Garten is a legend when we’re talking about theatre in Berlin. They have outdoor and indoor plays all year long.

Prater Garten is standing as strong as ever and obviously, has a lot to offer. And by the looks of it, they won’t stop anytime soon with a full house almost every night, summer and winter. The prices at Prater are not the cheapest you can find around Berlin, but it is nothing that will break your wallet.

If you would like to find friends to have a nice time at Prater Garten or in any other biergarten in Berlin, I invite you to join our Facebook Group. Over there, locals and tourists share a lot of tips about Berlin and the world. If you’re new in Berlin, a great way to meet people is to join us there and keep an eye open for our next meet up. Maybe we can do the next at Prater, what do you think?

Prater Garten

Prater Garten, our favorite beer garden in Berlin
Kastanienallee 7-9
10435 Berlin