Maybe Berlin is not the most obvious place for a museum all dedicated to the incredible Ramones, huh? But, against all chances, it’s between expensive restaurants and shops and the mecca for touristy business that you can find a piece of punk rock history. The Ramones museum is located in the heart of Kreuzberg.

The Ramones Museum in Berlin by Fotostrasse

The story behind the Ramones Museum

The story behind this unusual museum is peculiar and gets better and better, folks! All started with Florian Haylor, the hero of our story. You can call him Flo, he prefers this way.

After he decided to use his own flat to store the massive collection of Ramones memorabilia he had, he just needs a little push to turn that amount of treasure into a museum. The little push was given by his ex-girlfriend.

Once the owner stated that he did not choose to open a museum, it was the Ramones Museum that chose him to open it.

He kept everything about the Ramones. Everything. I mean everything! One day she had with it and yelled “Enough! This is claustrophobic! I’m done with this“. I mean, Florian has a pair of pants that used to belong to Johnny Ramone, that item is enough for me to call that flat a museum.

The Ramones Museum has hundreds of rare pictures covering every inch of the many walls. The photos not only tell the story of the amazing band but tell the story of punk rock itself! Besides the insane amount of photos, you can find doodles, lyrics written on shitty sheets of paper, paints and even sneakers that were once used by Marky Ramone.

This incredible cool spot in Berlin offers the perfect environment to embrace and celebrate punk rock at its finest! You can do it so over a coffee or, who knows, a piece of cake. Because yes, they have a cafe you can just go, sit around and listen to good music. It is the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon.

The Ramones Museum in Berlin by FotostrasseIn fact, Flo is paying back a favor that the Ramones did to us all. Personally, I wouldn’t be the same girl I am today if it wasn’t for the band. I even have a tattoo of the Ramones, that is much those guys were part of my life.

It is a combination of factors some say, punk rock gives you a certain security and strength to carry on with your life when everything around you is doomed.

Teenagers usually feel like this for the most part of their teens years but some still see life with the same desperation, if I can use this word to describe it. Punk rock lovers are in its majority fighting for a better and fairer world.

And the Ramones invented Punk Rock. Yes! They did! Do not argue with me on this.

But back to the museum, ok? If you never been there, please go. It looks like a version of your living room but full of great stuff about one of the best bands ever and tons of things about the worldwide punk rock scene!

The Ramones Museum in Berlin by Fotostrasse

The entry to the Ramones Museum is about 3,50€ and you only have to pay once in your whole life. After you pay your entree, they will give you a pin that you can keep it. Using this pin, you will never have to pay again! Cool, huh?

Ramones Museum Berlin

Oberbaumstraße 5,
10997 Berlin

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