A lot of people that travel to Foz do Iguassu, cross the border to Paraguay just to enjoy the amazing prices at Ciudad del Este. What most people don’t realise is there’s more than just cheap stuff on that side of Ponte da Amizade – or friendship bridge, if you’re into translating names. One of the main attractions there is Cataratas Saltos del Monday.

Saltos del Monday are 3 huge waterfalls you can find on the Monday River. And Monday is not like the day of the week, it is actually a Guarani word that means “waters that rolls” or something. This paradise is just a few kilometres away from Ciudad del Este, in the small village called Presidente Franco. You can easily go in the morning for your shopping routine and spend the afternoon there or so the opposite.

Surrounded by native forest and filled with stuff to do, the small park of Saltos del Rio Monday has a place for a quick bite, tree climbing, zip line, tracks and much more. If you’re into climbing, there are some places with over 40 meters stone walls where you can have your fun, but if you’re like me, just go for the view and the photo opportunity.

It is a nice alternative to the sometimes crowded Cataratas do Iguassu park. Since is not really well-known, you can have a quite and relaxing time on the Paraguayan side.

Step by step on how to get to Saltos del Monday

The visit will cost you around PYG 12.000 to get in and this translates into roughly 3 or 4 euros. If you want to do the tree climbing or the zip-line, it will be an extra 5 or 6 euros. It is totally worth it.
The park is open every day from 7:30 in the morning all the way to 6 pm. If you’re visiting during the summer, like in Foz do Iguassu, it is extremely hot, so bring water and hydrate yourself. If your visit is more to the winter time, bring a jacket since temperatures can drop to almost 0.
For those following my tip of having lunch over there, the restaurant doesn’t have a lot of options on food but compensate very well on the view you have. It is just fantastic!
To get to Saltos del Monday you can either hire a car, like I explained on this post, or get a cab from Ciudad del Este. A cab would be around 20 or 30 euros but I strongly suggest you hire a car from ConvenioTour. Paraguay is an amazing country but, like most South American countries, you cannot fully trust the police. My driver knew all the tricks and everything to make everything by the books to avoid fines in the end. I’ve heard from a few locals in Foz that the police in Paraguay will say something to you that is not 100% truth, just to get you in trouble if you get stopped later. Since the cops will most probably ask for a bribe, you know how the deal, right?
If you’re worried about visa and documents, don’t be. Just make sure you don’t need a visa to get into Paraguay, show them your passport when you’re entering the country and ask if you need a special permit to go beyond Ciudad del Este. Sometimes you need to register your car and that’s how they get you in the end. Also, remember to show your document on the way out! In Paraguay, for some reason, is you who have to tell the police to stamp your passport. hahaha
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