Many of you asked us by email and on Fotostrasse’s Instagram and Twitter, why were we in Apulia (in Italian: Puglia) and all sorts of questions like “How to get there?”, “Where is this place?”, “What is this #WeAreInPuglia hashtag that you are using so much and why there’s only cool pictures under this hashtag?” and “I need to eat this, what is the name of this food?”.

Polignano A Mare // #WeAreInPuglia for #Fotostrasse

If you already follow us on every channel available, you may have notice that we are posting a lot about using the hashtag #WeAreInPuglia, right? The reason for that – and the explanation for all this amazing photos of wonderful places and incredible food, is that Fotostrasse was one of the few blogs invited to be part of Apulia’s new tourism campaign, the #WeAreInPuglia.

Alberobello // #WeAreInPuglia for #Fotostrasse

The idea is to bring a little of the history, food and lifestyle of one of the nicest parts of Italy, to main cities around Europe. And like I said on a previous post, Berlin is one the chosen cities. Fotostrasse and Reise Freunden were the chose blogs to to this jog. We went to Puglia and spent a few days experiencing the food, the wine and the beauties of the place. We even broadcast to Sony Center some of those unique things! It was amazing! Have you seen us live?

All the photos found here on this post are from those wonderful 4 days I had over there. You can follow me on my personal Instagram to see more if you like it, but we’ll do several posts about each and every destination there I saw here on the blog. Don’t worry, I will tell you everything you need to know about about Bari & Bari Vecchia, Polignano a Mare, Alberobello, the winery Terre di San Vito and its fantastic wine, Grotte di Castelanna and more! I’ll even give tips on restaurants and what to order, what I liked and what I disliked and much more. Some of them are already on our foursquare, if you can’t wait any longer.

Alberobello // #WeAreInPuglia for #Fotostrasse

Hope you all enjoy Apulia as much as we did and maybe we’ll see each other again around September over there! (Yes, we liked so much that we’re thinking about going back AGAIN! That’s how cool it is over there!)

Marcela Fae - WeAreInPuglia for Fotostrasse - 155

So stay tuned and follow all our channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare to get a little bit of what the South of Italy has to offer. Besides, there are direct flights from Berlin to Bari every week! What are you all waiting for?

Terre Di San Vito // #WeAreInPuglia for #Fotostrasse