Imagine you and your loved one arriving in Italy for a romantic getaway? Asking yourselves what is a must see in Italy?

Let me guide you to one of the most romantic spots I’ve ever visited in my entire life that is also one of the most fabulous places for travel photographers. The name os this must see in Italy is Scamporella. And Scamporella is an unusual picnic event that takes place among olive trees, under the Italian sky in the hills of Cesena.

And where is this must see in Italy that you are talking about?

Cesena is located just a few minutes by car from the beautiful city of Rimini. Cesena is a region of Emilia-Romagna, one of the states of Italy. To be more precise, it is on the Romagna part of Emilia-Romagna. It is essential to know this because of the cultural differences between the Emilia, and the Romagna are important to understanding the Italian from there.

I am not diving into this on this post, but you can always start a conversation on our Facebook Group to understand a bit more. All you need to know in case someone asks is that one has the cappelletti and one has the tortellini. Both are great and you should try all since it is Italy and Italy has great food all over.

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But back to Scamporella, the must see in Italy that I wanna tell you all about it.

Close your eyes and imagine you arriving at the meeting place on the first hills of Cesena. You park your car and wait.
From behind an old shaft, you hear a noise. A motor noise that gets louder and louder. This is your vehicle to the most fabulous picnic of your life.

You and your loved one hop inside one of the many cars attached to a real tractor. After all, you’re in the countryside of Italy, of course, a tractor is how you get to Scamporella.

After a short trip of around 10 minutes, going through the wine trees and flowers, you arrive at a breathtaking place lit by candles and tiny lamps. White balloons give a nice complement to the bucolic food baskets, the red and white cloths and the rustic-chic decor from the place. It is a dream for the eyes and for your lenses. Make sure you have your tripod with you to capture the magic just right.

You take your wicker basket filled with delicious bread, butter, focaccia and more. You stop on the way and grab a glass of your favorite locally produced wine or you grab a whole bottle. Wine is included on the price just like soft drinks and water. Cocktails are extra but for a very affordable price.

You both take a stroll down to the olive trees and find yourself a spot between the red and white pillows and tablecloths, wooden wine boxes, lots of green. It is one of the best picnics of my life.

Both of you will sit and will also see the others take a seat. It is an event for everyone. There is no shortage of families, small and large groups of friends and couples. And everyone, sooner or later, will pull out the phone for a photo or two. What surrounds you all is too good not have it forever.

Start with the food from your basket and a few more rounds of warm food will come to you as the night goes. I promise that the amount of food served is more massive than you can ingest. Save some space for all the deliciousness that will come your way.

I am not sure if the menu changes all the time but just in case you are wondering, I had: homemade bread, sausages, various fruits, potatoes, muffins, quiche, salad, lasagna and much more. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, but you need to request it in advance.

The dinner ended with an espresso and peanut pannacotta. Which was just perfect for me, a person that loved desserts but I’m not a big fan of sweets that are too sweet. Like mentioned before, drinks are unlimited, and they are at the bar at the beginning of the olive tree park. The red and white wine is from the wine trees you passed with the tractor, and it was great. Not that this must see in Italy experience needs, but the non-stop wine helped to make the whole experience a dream of a midsummer night.

After all, the food is eaten, and the wine is over, everyone “clears” and brings back the baskets. It is kinda tragic-funny to see the drunk people followed by the designated driver of the night going down the road trying not to fall.

Scamporella is a must see in Italy because it is the eulogy of the slow philosophy. If you’re familiar with the Italian way of living, you’ll understand. I’m from an Italian family, and those 4 or 5-hour meals are just normal to me but can be unusual for some.

I arrived at Scamporella just before 7 or 8 pm, and I left the place almost at midnight. Around 4 hours of absolute magic, romance, and relaxation. A must see in Italy where you’ll forget the rush and the routine and enjoy the comforts of slowness. You’ll eat, drink, chat, and have the best time. For travel photographers is a must because Scamporella accompanies the sun at sunset until the night comes. And the evening is illuminated by DIY chandeliers made with simple light bulbs and wicker baskets, which decorate the olive trees.

Scamporella happens every Thursday from June all the way to September and sometimes on Tuesdays too. But it is worth to check the calendar and make your reservation with weeks/months in advance on their website. Costs around 40 euros per person with all I mentioned here.

If you have any question regarding Scamporella, please let me know by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook Group. Also, we have a Rimini highlight on our Instagram and there is some footage of this must see in Italy picnic of heaven.