Unlocking Prague's Forbidden Secrets

Exploring the Sex Machines Museum

Experience a one-of-a-kind adventure in Prague as you step into the captivating realm of the Sex Machines Museum. Uncover the secrets of human desire and the fascinating evolution of pleasure through a carefully curated collection of unique and intriguing exhibits.

From ancient contraptions to modern marvels, this Museum offers a captivating journey that challenges norms and sparks thought-provoking conversations. Dive into a world of exploration and intrigue at the Sex Machines Museum – a must-visit destination for the curious traveler.

Previously, I’ve spoken about one of the most visited sites in Prague, Charles Bridge. And today I’ll speak about a very interesting place in the middle of Old Town Square in Prague: the Sex Machines Museum.

Interesting because: it’s about sex machines, about sex, a museum of sex. Well, because of all that and a little bit more. For those who like the subject, here goes a different article…

Early ages…

Since the beginning of time, sex has always been a theme of everyone’s interest. For good or bad, ignorance or wisdom, sex has always been there. But what I’m going to talk about today is… Since when toys, mechanical erotic appliances, dildos, etc., has been part of our lives? Since long ago.

And this Museum is there to show us some of the stories of these incredible sex toys.

Inside the Sex Machines Museum in Prague

Being the first Museum in the world devoted to erotic and sexual gadgets, the Sex Machines Museum has an amazing collection of subjects in a building from the 17th century.

It was restored in 2004 and has 3 floors divided into old erotic cinema and clothing, a sex machines gallery, and the permanent gallery.

Open daily from 10 am until 11 pm, it has a very interesting collection of articles. By the time I got there, late at night. After a few drinks at the amazing Black Angel’s Bar (a few steps away, also located in Old Town Square), my mind was completely in the mood for it. For 10 euros you can stay there as long as you want, and better yet, photograph.

Yes, you can photograph. All the items inside the Museum were collected worldwide over 15 years by the Italian entrepreneur Oriano Bizzoch (same owner of the Museo delle Curiosità (Curiosity Museum), located in San Marino. Inside those red walls, you will find all different kinds of erotic gadgets: iron corsets, chastity belts, voyeuristic chamber pots, electric anti-masturbation machines, dildos, etc… and the list goes on and on, but it’s much nicer if you see it for yourself.

So please, welcome 🙂

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Everything you need to know about Dildos

I think it’s important to mention the importance of this specific theme in the article. Dildo comes from the Italian “diletto,” which means delight.

As we know, dildos are part of human history. If it’s there for fun, pleasure, decor, etc., it does not matter. It’s a gadget, an erotic toy (call it whatever you want), and it’s there for everyone. We know that the first one date from the Paleolithic period. They were made of bone and/or carved stone (picture that:-O).

The next step led us to the Greek and Roman Empires, where they used to have parades with big phallus raised like protests (they used to worship Bacchus and Dionysus). Both Romans and Greeks, men and women, used to have dildos for pleasure. The Romans were responsible for having invented the ‘double dildo’ (to be used in ceremonies and with friends). The Greeks used animal leather to cover the ‘carved penis,’ giving a sensation of a natural feeling.

In ancient times, wealthy Chinese husbands used to have many wives. So, as they were not up to satisfying all of them, they used to give their wives dildos, also a matter to prevent lesbianism among them and to keep them faithfully. Chinese dildos were made of bronze and several other metals.

Back in India and Persia (Kama Sutra people, right?)…it was thought that the blood of the hymen was not pure, so on the night of the wedding celebration, a holy man would appear with a stone dildo to break the hymen, so the husband would not be contaminated with the woman’s hymen blood. Back then, these dildos could have been made of gold, silver, and ivory.

But not all cultures were up to inventing well-made dildos. Some used more natural items, like unripe fruits (bananas), plantains, and phallic gourds. Then we have the 20th century, the new materials: rubber and electricity. And then we have vibrators. We also use silicone, which adds functionality for sexual stimulation. Silicone is hypoallergenic and feels more natural. Then the glass came. Thicker and more strong. Yes, glass! The kind of thing that many people were looking for. Today dildos are there to sell in all shapes, colors, and sizes to everyone, just around the corner.

You will find a large demonstration of what I’ve just written here at the Museum. It’s all there.

BDSM – Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism at the Sex Machines Museum

BDSM is the abbreviation of several erotic practices that involve: bondage and discipline (B/D), dominance and submission (D/s), sadism, and masochism (S/M).

Oh yes, the Museum has a large demonstration of items about this. Even if the theme does not interest you, worth the visit to the last floor, where the items are exposed. It’s known that the history of BDSM comes from centuries ago, since the times of Kama Sutra and Ancient Greece. Practices of masochism, sadism, discipline, and punishment were already part of people’s life. The terms sadism and masochism are tributes to the Marquis of Sade and writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

The first was a French philosopher who spent part of his life captive and led an isolated life due to his erotic works (women tortured for pleasure). And Leopold Masoch was an Austrian journalist whose most famous work tells of a character who has an orgasm while being beaten and humiliated by his wife’s lover.

Bondage means the art of tying people, that is to say, for pleasure, esthetic, or restriction. People can be tied up with ropes, chains, iron, and handcuffs. Discipline means discipline or discipline by a person for various purposes. Although consented, the discipline usually goes beyond a simple relationship of domination because, to reinforce the desired behavior change, we need to manipulate the person being coached and make it push the boundaries to themselves.

Dominance and submission is a dynamic relationship where a person submits to another, and this person takes control of the situation. This is the case of a person who lets someone else tie, humiliate, beat, and do things for goals that may or may not be sexual.

Sadism is when a person takes pleasure in causing pain to someone else. Out of BDSM, sadistic is the adjective that usually gives to people we consider very cruel, like rapists or serial killers. In BDSM, we can use the word sadist to highlight people who like safe sex and consent, where they can cause pain to their partners.

Masochism is the opposite of sadism, when someone likes to receive pain. The word also has different connotations outside of BDSM, usually used to describe depressed people who want to be exposed to bad situations and have the sorrows of life. In BDSM, a masochist only takes pleasure in pain, which is not necessarily erotic.

BDSM has no exact definition and, as a subculture, covers many practices and fetishes that do not quite fit the acronym. This is the case of people obsessed with feet or lovers of leather clothing, for example. It does not matter your gender, color, class, or creed. You can be whatever you want, change roles, etc. Your preferences are the limit. Nowadays, BDSM is based, above all, on safety and agreement.

The Fantastic World of Sex Machines

Let’s get now into the fantastic world of sex machines. You may not know, but around 1850, these machines were created to ‘cure’ women’s hysteria. YES, men thought these machines were therapeutic for women since orgasms relax. Men were horrified that women could be a little out of control, and with that, they created these incredible toys.

Of course, soon, these toys ended up being sexual, and not only for women.

You can see inside the Museum some of these precious and old sex machines. All that to increase, improve, and satisfy the sexual act. And not only for an individual or couples. Many devices were made to please orgy groups, manage a trois, etc. And among all that, you will find phallic shoes, erotic relics, sandals worn by Greek prostitutes, masks and leather whips, genital piercings, voyeuristic chamber pots, medieval massagers, and a replica of the famous see-saw of the Middle Ages, which had, at each end, an artificial penis.

And as the proposal of the Museum is to supply all fetishes (even the most eccentric ones), it also has a throne with a hole adapted in the middle, especially for the “golden rain” or “brown bath.” If you don’t know what that is, here goes a hint: think about physiological needs.

Once inside, you will feel slightly what Anne Declos (under the pen name of Pauline Réage) showed us when she wrote Story of O, the unique and erotic controversial book about dominance and submission.

Sex Machines Museum

Unlocking Prague’s Forbidden Secrets: Exploring the Sex Machines Museum

Melantrichova 476/18, 110 00
Praha, Czech Republic


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