Skyline Sao Paulo

Viewing Sao Paolo from above
One of the first things I do when planning to visit a city is to find out if there is a place where it is possible to see it from above. The Skyline Sao Paulo is one of the most impressive. As someone who loves photography, taking pictures of the destination’s skyline is essential. It is an experience I always recommend in my travel tips – The Skyline Sao Paulo is one of the most impressive.
In a city as big as São Paulo, with all its gigantic buildings, there is no lack of options for us to observe it from above. This post gives you all sorts of points to view Sao Paulo’s skyline from many different regions and neighborhoods.
Many of these options are indeed bars, restaurants, or businesses that usually charge exorbitant prices for their products and services. But I promise it won’t be the totality of my recommendations. You will see places where you either won’t pay a cent or options where you’ll need to pay only a few dollars or euros.

Skyline Sao Paulo – why so endless?


São Paulo is a Brazilian municipality, the state’s capital of the same name, and South America’s leading financial, corporate, and mercantile center.

São Paulo is the most influential Brazilian city on the global stage. It is by far the most populous city in Brazil, the American continent, the Lusophony region, and the entire southern hemisphere. And in 2016, it was named the 11th most globalized city on the planet.

The size of its importance to the economy and culture is proportional to its physical size. When looking at the skyline of this megalopolis from any of the places mentioned, you probably won’t be able to see the end. São Paulo is home to almost 13 million inhabitants, and if we talk about Greater São Paulo, this number goes up to more than 22 million.

If you want to understand more about this city and its rich history I can’t recommend the tour Andre Motta offers. He is a long-time friend and even gave his best local tips about Sao Paulo to this blog once. If you decide to go with him, mention you found him via this blog, and he will give you some extra tips based on what you want to do in this city.

Our first stop is at Martinelli Building

Located on São João Avenue, in the center of São Paulo, the Martinelli Building was the tallest building in Brazil and Latin America for a long time. The history behind this building is fascinating, and some say the building is haunted. (I know!)

The construction of the Martinelli Building, commissioned by Italian immigrant Giuseppe Martinelli, a businessman who made his fortune in the naval market during World War I, began in 1924. In 1929 the building was inaugurated with 12 floors, but the dispute with other buildings to become the tallest in Latin America made the construction continue until 1934 when it reached 30 floors. Throughout the years, it went from a luxurious place for the elite to a slum; the building has been the scene of prostitution, suicides, drug trafficking, and unsolved murders. Unsolved crimes and other mysteries are the reason why this incredible piece of Sao Paulo’s history is so fascinating.

After several controversies, renovations, and even army intervention, the building remains a landmark in the city and attracts dozens of tourists daily. This building is part of Andre’s tour; he knows all the juicy facts about the secrets Martinelli Building holds.


Address: Avenida São João, 53 – Centro – São Paulo
How to get there: São Bento Subway Station (Blue Line)

skyline sao paulo -edificio martinelli
skyline sao paulo -edificio martinelli
skyline sao paulo -edificio martinelli
skyline sao paulo -edificio martinelli
skyline sao paulo - edificio copan

Viaduto do Chá

Located in the central region of São Paulo, the first viaduct was built in the “Terra da Garoa.” It goes over the Vale do Anhangabaú and is close to the Municipal Theater. Both of which you should check because they are symbols of what this city is and was.

This site’s construction work began in 1888. Still, it was interrupted one month later because many people were against its construction, including important figures of the time, such as the Baron of Tatuí. Andre can definitely tell you more about it.

After lengthy negotiations and some expropriations, the Viaduto do Chá was finally inaugurated in 1892. At that time, people using the viaduct had to pay a toll. As previously said, today, this place is one of the icons of São Paulo, and crossing it from end to end costs nothing.

How to get there: Subway station Anhangabaú (red line).
Price and hours: Free and 24 hours; after all, it is a public road.

viaduto do cha

Balsa bar

The Anhagabau Valley is home to this unusual and hip rooftop bar known as Balsa. Or as they stated it: “We are not a bar, but rather a house of meetings, a venue for gatherings, parties, conferences, and lectures.”

They are only open when an event is planned. They don’t have set operating hours. It is a weird concept, but it works since the bar seems to open its doors every Wednesday to Sunday and never goes after midnight. This is definitely a place for an afternoon drink rather than a bar where you’ll spend the night inside.
Always visit Balsa’s social media to find out what’s on and available.

Once inside, you’ll discover a remarkable, eccentric, and stylish lounge with a charming rooftop terrace that provides fantastic views of the nearby structures and the Santa Ifigenia Viaduct. Skyline Sao Paulo done right, if you ask me.

Address: R. Cap. Salomão, 26
How to get there: República subway station (red line)
Hours: Check its social media to be sure but usually, Wed-Sun, the doors open.

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Edifício Itália

With one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the capital, this is one of the places that will make you sure that São Paulo is a concrete jungle. And to enjoy this view in the best possible way, prepare your wallet and book a table for drinks or a full dinner at Edificio Italia’s piano bar & restaurant.

Rated as one of the most traditional dining options for the wealthy, Edificio Italia offers both views from inside and outside its glass walls. It is crazy the contrast you’ll feel when you have your expensive cocktail while watching how endless a megapolis’s skyline can be.

Address: Avenida Ipiranga, 344
How to get there: República subway station (red line)
Price: You won’t pay for the going up if you have a reservation
Schedule: Daily, from 3pm to 7pm (After that, the restaurant is open only for the restaurant’s clients)

Edifício Copan

The protagonist of modern architecture in São Paulo, the Copan Building, is also one of the alternatives to see the city from above. In my humble opinion, the skyline Sao Paulo offers can’t be better than this one.

Designed by the world-renowned Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s, the building is next to Edifício Itália. It has 32 floors and is one of the country’s most famous works of reinforced concrete. It is notoriously known for its wavy shape – your eyes and lenses will love it from above and below!

If you are going to visit Copan, check on the day the schedules and whether or not there is access. It is a residential building, and sometimes visits don’t happen, as I will tell you here.

There are bars and restaurants on the ground floor of this magnificent building that should be part of your itinerary. Take a walk around and see which one you like the most. This building, including all the nice tricks to ensure you’ll reach the top floor, is included in Andre’s tour.


Address: Avenida Ipiranga, 200
How to get there: República subway station (red line)
Price: Free of charge
Schedule: Monday to Friday, at 10:30am and 3:30pm. You must arrive 15 minutes before the show.

Edifício Copan, known in English as Copan Building, is one of the most important and memorable buildings in São Paulo. Located at Avenida Ipiranga number 200, it was open to the public in 1966, and it’s one of the symbols of the modern Brazilian architecture.
Edifício Copan, known in English as Copan Building, is one of the most important and memorable buildings in São Paulo. Located at Avenida Ipiranga number 200, it was open to the public in 1966, and it’s one of the symbols of the modern Brazilian architecture.
skyline sao paulo - edificio copan
skyline sao paulo - edificio copan

MASP (Vão do Masp)

MASP stands for Museum of Art of São Paulo, and you should definitely pay a visit if you are there. When you pass by Paulista Avenue and observe the massive space underneath the MASP Museum, stop and check out this incredible terrace. The skyline view is to die for. MASP is a place for lovers of art, architecture, and nice skyline views.

Paulistas (the people from Sao Paulo) call the space underneath the museum “Vão do MASP,” which translates into something like MASP’s space. You’ll see from Vão do MASP the view of one of the arteries this city has to offer: Avenida Nova de Julho (9th July Avenue) connects the city’s heart to the south side. What you see from MASP is facing downtown.

The “Vão do MASP” is the stage for exhibitions, protests, artistic demonstrations, and more. It is a perfect place to see the city because it is close to the city’s most important avenue; therefore, there are lots of public transport that can take you directly from numerous parts of the town. You may see an empty lot, a small flea market, or even a free art display! Who knows?!

Address: Avenida Paulista, 1578 – São Paulo
How to get there: Trianon subway station (green line)
Price and hours: Free and 24 hours. It is a public space.

vão do MASP - sao paulo skyline

Skye Bar

This bar is perched atop the opulently designed Hotel Unique. The rooftop frequently cited as being among the coolest in the world, stands out for two reasons: its vibrant red rooftop pool and its mesmerizing 360-degree views of the Sao Paulo skyline.

However, Skye is not just a terrific rooftop bar because of its pool and vistas. You can listen to live DJ sets every night on the wooden-decked terrace, which has chic lounge furniture and an underwater sound system. Besides that, if you’re feeling splurgy, we super recommend Unique as an option for staying in São Paulo.

The Skye Bar is a fantastic place to have chic evening cocktails while taking in the scenery. The audience is stylish and big, especially on weekends, and the atmosphere is laid-back but hip.

Address: Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700
How to get there: There’s no subway station close to it. Try googling a route from where you are; it is the best.
Hours: from 6pm onwards, the bar is open

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Martinelli Building

Viaduto do Chá

Balsa Bar

Edificio Italia



Skye Bar

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