Best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin

Let us show you all the cool places for a cherry blossom overload

If you’re in Berlin during March or early April, we highly recommend looking at our great cherry blossoms. They are everywhere, but in this post, we’re giving you the best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin, according to us and some other photographer friends.

Berlin is a well-known city for its vibrant cultural scene and diverse history. However, during the spring, the city also becomes a spectacle of natural beauty with cherry blossoms.

The cherry blossom symbolizes new beginnings and the fleeting nature of life. In Berlin, the best time to catch a glimpse of this stunning display is in late March and early April.

As you stroll through the streets and corners around Berlin, you will certainly bump into a few of these beauties. But if you would like to truly understand the visual power of these blossoms for your eyes and cameras, we highly recommend you save this post for the best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin.

We mean it!

Another important thing is that you must be fast to see all the best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin because the flowers last only around ten days.

So between all the nightlife, abandoned places, and checking out our growing list of the best burger places in Berlin, you might have to prepare in advance!

But before giving you the best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin, a bit of history

Cherry blossoms are very common and part of Japanese culture and history. You know what we mean if you have watched anime or read mangas. A while ago, a Janapese TV Channel, the TV Ashi, did a crowdfunding campaign and got over 1 million euros to give some cherry trees to countries.

The idea of having cherry trees for the Japanese culture is that they can purify the land, the air, and the area. After the country’s reunification, the Sakura Campaign brought hundreds of blossoming trees to Germany!

What a beautiful gesture from the Japanese people.

In 2019 we can still profit from this here in Berlin. The Sakura Campaign gave cherry trees to several cities in Germany, so if you have cool spots to see them in another town, please leave a comment here or share with us on our Facebook Group!

Best spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin

There are two main “Cherry Blossom Avenues” in Berlin. But in this list, we’ll go further to give you the spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin.

Since the Japanese believe cherry blossoms can purify things, the main “Cherry Blossom Avenues” follow the Mauerweg. Mauerweg is German for the pathway the Berlin Wall used to be.

One is near where the Mauer fell, around Bornholmer Strasse. And if you read our posts about David Bowie and saw the last video clip he filmed here in Berlin, you know where it is. The other one is near Lichterfelde Süd Station.

Both locations are incredible. If you can visit both, great! If not, the Bornholmer Strasse has the historical side in favor, but the Lichterfelder is more impressive and long. It is a tough decision we can’t make for you.

When is the best time to visit those spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin?

Suppose you’re not sure if all the trouble is worth it. If you are afraid of facing a bunch of long German names of U and S Bahn stations not close to the center of Berlin, you can visit this website and go to one of our favorite parks here, the Gaerten der Welt.

They have a cherry blossom festival, and most of their gardens are from Asian countries, including a Japanese garden! It is to die for!

Some other spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin deserves mention even though they didn’t impress us as much as the ones above

Around the Glienicker Bruecke (Glinicke Bridge) is a cool place for a nice spring day filled with small pink and white flowers.

And if you’re in Neukolln looking for a place to break your Instagram, besides our post about the best photo spots in Neukoelln, you can go to the Lohmühlenbrücke at the border of Alt-Treptow and Neukölln. Over there, you will find around 45 cherry blossom trees and another memorial to the Sakura campaign.

For those in Wedding or Pankow, both are northern neighborhoods in Berlin, just northeast of Wollankstraße S-Bahn, you can see some. The trees border the track on a former death strip. This a stunning example of how even the horrible can eventually change into beauty again.

For Mitte/Kreuzberg, you can visit the area around the park where they had real live bears a while ago, the Köllnischer Park. Animal cruelty level 1000, I know!

Glienicke Bridge

Lichterfelde Süd


Köllnischer Park



Garten der Welt

The cherry blossoms in Berlin are a sight to behold and will leave visitors feeling inspired and refreshed. Whether it’s at the Gardens of the World, the Kirschblütenallee, or any of the places we mentioned here, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of these blossoms is a must-do activity during the spring season in Berlin.

To make your life easier, there is a map with all the spots for cherry blossoms in Berlin. And it is on google; you can save it for later and share your photos with us using our hashtag on Instagram! Just tag us on your stories or posts with #Fotostrasse.

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