I hope this post and the many images from our first day in St Petersburg will inspire you to travel to Russia. We experienced heaps in just one, single day! See for yourself in our abundance of colorful pictures below.

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve had the pleasure of visiting. And although English is not the strongest skill amongst Russians, it is easier than many other European cities to get by and understand simple things like the “Metro”, street names, maps and even the self-checkout aisles in most supermarkets.

St Petersburg –  the Venice of the North

Saint Petersburg is a port city in the Baltic Sea founded back in 1703 by Peter the Great. It was designed and built as the capital of the Russian Empire and it held this position for over 200 years.

Nowadays, St Petersburg is the cultural center of Russia. There is where you can find the Mariinsky Theatre and the Hermitage Museum where you can take a look at the best examples of Russian art: from Orthodox Icons to the works of Kandinsky.

St Petersburg is the city of canals; the Venice of the north! And with its 342 bridges, it is the perfect city to venture into the scenario of a stunning boat tour. As you can see in the photographs from this post, you can capture impressive shots thanks to the city’s wonderful architecture and amazing lighting!

Russia is a splendid place that we strongly recommend everyone to visit at least once. We are already planning to go back sometime soon to farther explore the colossal country.

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