Tadshikische Teestube

A visit to Central Asia in Central Berlin

From all the weird things Berlin has to offer when it comes to unique experiences, the unique and beautiful Central Asian pearl called Tadshikische Teestube in the heart of Berlin got our attention. We visited this particular place over the valentine’s day, and now we’ll tell you all about it.

Tadshikische Teestube, the history

This place exists in Berlin since before the fall of the wall was a thing. The whole story started back in the 70s here in Berlin. The DDR wanted to give a present to the Republic of Tajikistan and decided to open this unique place. The decor, interior and concept were brought to Berlin from the Leipzig Trade Fair, if you’re wondering how the hell they manage such an atmosphere. The Tadshikische Teestube open its door in 1976, and it is open ever since.

Nothing has changed since that time beside the location. The Tadshikische Teestuden was located in the prestigious Unter der Linden a few years ago but has moved to very close to the New Synagogue now. Its location is in this oasis of a backyard near Oranienburger Tor S-Bahn Station, right in front of what is left of the almighty Kunsthaus Tacheles. We never visited the old Tadshikische Teestube, but photos and comments all over the internet have told us that the place looks the same.

Tadshikische Teestube food and tea menu

In all honesty, the food offered in Tadshikische Teestube is excellent if you have never been to Russia or any of the old Soviet states. I had the famous Blinis, and a Borschtsch and Marian went with a Gefüllte Weinblätter mit Reis and an amazing Soljanka im Brotlaib, a very famous soup made with everything!

I rate the borschtsch 8 out of 10 but the Blinis I give a max of 6. They were too small for the price, and the salad was a supermarket salad. Marian loved his entree and dish, even though I had better Weinblätter before in any Turkish restaurant in Neukölln.

Summing up the experience, you pay for the decor, the uniqueness of the place, the whole thing more than you pay for the exceptional food. By any means, I’m saying that the food was held, but didn’t change our world, you know? It was all average except for…

The Best Napoleon Cake Marcela ever had!

Before I show you what the hell is a Napoleon cake, I want to have a short minute to explain to you what it is using history.

Russian – and the USSR – calls the war with Napoleon the first great war. The WWI and WWII have different names as well for them since the Napoleon war on Russia was, and it is still very important. With that said, back to the cake.

Napoleon Cake is mainly a pile of delicate Mille Feuille together with rich layers of sweet and white cream in between, covered with powder sugar. Now I ask you: Do you know why? Do you know why they chose this name for a cake that is with famous French pastry and white filling? Because Napoleon is French and the white filling and the powdered represents snow and winter!!! How amazing is that? Well, I think it is genius! But back to the Tadshikische Teestube review.

Tadshikische Teestube holds the best Napoleon cake in Berlin according to myself and myself only. Each piece is around 4 euros, which is not cheap, but it is valid for a great dessert to go with your dinner or your afternoon tea.

Final words about the Tadshikische Teestube

Tadshikische Teestube is a must go for a particular date or a final meal in Berlin. But don’t expect this place to be your go-to-place when you need a bite to eat, as you can do with many other restaurants we’ve reviewed so far.

Tadshikische Teestube is unique because, on one side, it is the most authentic Central Asian tea parlor you can find in the city, but the food doesn’t surprise like the rest. Marian and I had beers instead of tea, so we can’t judge their tea menu. But feel free to leave your comment here or on our Facebook group if you did. We really want to hear all about it from regular people and not just from online reviews we find online.

Tadshikische Teestube is quite famous in its little universe, so Fotostrasse highly recommends table reservation. And you can choose to sit on the ground as a Tadjik would, or a more western approach to a meal by having tables and chairs.

You can do that by calling them. They (usually) speak English.


Tadshikische Teestube

Tadshikische Teestube

Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin
Phone: 030 2041112