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The Sun Machine is Coming Down to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Berliner Festspiele at the ICC Berlin

The Sun Machine is Coming Down lasted for ten days in October 2021. It was an exciting way to encourage visitors to explore a piece of the city closed to the public for years. For us, the most fascinating thing about this exhibition was how the ICC architecture shaped the artwork being presented and how beautiful this building really is. We hope this space is used more often in the future since it seems like it’s used more as background for movies than anything else.

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A Short Guide To Brutalism In Berlin with Fotostrasse

Fotostrasse’s Guide To Brutalism In Berlin is a simple and easy way to explore the beauty of concrete in the German capital. From the weird shaped Bierpinsel in Steglitz to the battleship style construction of the Mäusebunker in Lichterfelde, Berlin has some of the best examples of Brutalism architecture in Europe; here guide you through some of the places.

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