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A visit to the BrewDog DogTap in Berlin-Mariendorf

If you are a fan of craft beer like we are, you know your way around the beers brewed by the guys from BrewDog. So, we don’t need to talk much about why we decided to bring some friends with us when we went to the BrewDog DogTap in Berlin-Mariendorf to eat some burgers and have some beers.

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Muted Horn: One of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Neukölln

Muted Horn is one of my favorite craft beer bars in Berlin, and even though it can be found close to where I live, it took me a while to find out about this bar. I imagined it’s because of the unassuming glass and brick facade next to a discount supermarket and a mosque on the busy Flughafenstrasse.

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