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Unveiling History: Exploring the National Socialism Documentation Center in Köln

Discover the National Socialism Documentation Center in Köln, Germany. As the largest regional memorial site dedicated to the victims of the Nazi regime, it offers a remarkable journey through Cologne’s history during the Nazi era. You will immerse yourself in its exhibitions, witness the preserved Gestapo prison, and gain invaluable insights into this significant European history chapter.

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A Visit to the Ruined Bunkers in Wunsdorf

It was the end of April when we went to Zossen to see the Wunsdorf Bunkers. I came across these bunkers while I read Berlin: The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor and decided it would be a good place to spend an afternoon.
After some research, I realized that the place is now a museum and you can book bunker tours and this is what we ended up doing. Wunsdorf is a quite unique location since there isn’t any other place where a german kaiser, Hitler, and the soviet military left their mark.

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