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Tag: Schöneberg

A Short Guide To Brutalism In Berlin with Fotostrasse

Fotostrasse’s Guide To Brutalism In Berlin is a simple and easy way to explore the beauty of concrete in the German capital. From the weird shaped Bierpinsel in Steglitz to the battleship style construction of the Mäusebunker in Lichterfelde, Berlin has some of the best examples of Brutalism architecture in Europe; here guide you through some of the places.

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Urban Nation: A Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin-Schöneberg

Urban Nation is more than a museum in Berlin. Urban Nation is a global institution focus on urban art. Their goal is to set new standards when it comes to artists and projects in contemporary art. And the work on the exhibitions is not limited to the walls inside the museum, as you can see when you walk around the place in Bülowstrasse.

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Zsa Zsa Burger: Burgers and Drinks in Schöneberg

In the corner of Motzstraße, surrounded by fetish stores in Schoneberg, you will find the burger of the week; Zsa Zsa Burger. We decided to visit this place since it was one of Felipe’s favorites; it seemed cozy enough for the stormy winter we are having in Berlin, and well, what a fantastic choice.

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