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St Bartholomew Flayed inside the Duomo di Milano

There is one particular sculpture that caught my attention when I visited the Duomo di Milano for the first time. The piece is called St Bartholomew Flayed, and it was created by Marco d’Agrate back in 1562. And that skinless statue is so unusual that I had to research it and write this article with everything I know now about it.

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The Wolves are Back in Berlin with Rainer Opolka

In early August 2016, If you arrived in Berlin via Hauptbahnhof you would be greeted by a pack of wolves. Bronze and iron statues, some of them with more than 2 meters in height, would be looming over passengers with guns and Nazi salutes. A sign would tell you that the Wolves are Back. But why are these Wolves back in Berlin?

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