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Exploring the Friedhofsbahn: The Old Wannsee – Stahnsdorf Railway Line

Berlin has a vast transport network composed of S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines that cover almost 500 km of tracks across the city. And the town used to have even more tracks, but due to political divisions, world wars and economic problems, some of those tracks were abandoned. One of those is known as Friedhofsbahn, and it used to connect Berlin-Wannsee to Stahnsdorf.

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Exploring the Elisabeth Sanatorium in Stahnsdorf

The Elisabeth Sanatorium, located in Stahnsdorf, was a clinic originally built in 1912 to treat tuberculosis patients. It specialized in treating skin and lymph node tuberculosis during the East German years. However, the building now stands abandoned, with no remnants of its former glory.

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