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Socialist Murals in Halle Neustadt

Halle Neustadt was one of the first attempts from East Germany on planning a new city from scratch. They wanted to create a utopic place with equal conditions for everyone. To make the site more vibrant and colourful, artworks were spread all around the area, and we are here to show you these socialist murals of Halle Neustadt.

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Urban Nation: A Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin-Schöneberg

Urban Nation is more than a museum in Berlin. Urban Nation is a global institution focus on urban art. Their goal is to set new standards when it comes to artists and projects in contemporary art. And the work on the exhibitions is not limited to the walls inside the museum, as you can see when you walk around the place in Bülowstrasse.

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The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel in London

Back in May 2008, Banksy organized the first Cans Festival, and it happened at the Leake Street Tunnel. The idea of the festival was to exhibit the work of famous street artists that he hand-picked and invited personally by Banksy.

This is how this disused road tunnel in south London became the Graffiti Tunnel.

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Wandelism: A Week Long Street Art Exhibition in Berlin Wilmersdorf

For one week in 2018, Berlin had an urban art temple in Wilmersdorf called Wandelism. With more than 90 street artists from Berlin and beyond, this was a celebration of what Berlin is: a wild and colourful place. You could see various urban art styles, from graffiti to bombing, from art installation to contemporary art and performance.

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