The Must-See Milos Beaches

A deep dive into Milos beaches, food, attractions and more

Milos beaches are definitely on the top of the list of best beaches in Greece. There are 75 beaches in Milos and around 151 km² (58 square miles). Milos was one of our main stops on the Running On Waves South Aegean cruise in late September 2021.

The island is the 5th largest Cycladic out of 29 main islands. We enjoyed spending 48 hours in Milos visiting everything we could. From historical sites, caves, paradisaic beaches to understanding the public transport. And, surely, discovering a few authentic food options for travellers like ourselves, that hold food as one of the main factors while travelling.

How is Milos, Greece?

Despite being one of the main islands in the Cycladic and on the route of a few cruises like ours, Milos isn’t as touristy and famous. You can find many other islands like Santorini, Mykonos with more hotels and tours and people.

But Milos was by far our favourite island, and we are glad we had the opportunity to explore this little piece of heaven for longer than half a day.

Milos an incredible island with a rich history behind it. There is evidence pointing that the island is inhabited for 3,000 years. Another excellent selling point is the spectacular Milos beaches that you can find all over the coastline. Some are hard to get to, some are prepared for tourists. The island offers something for each type of traveller. Beaches in Milos are deserted or full of locals, and all of them are to take your breath away. Another thing that I really enjoyed is that you will find a wide range of types of beaches in Milos. From fine sand all the way to rocks.

The main villages, beaches, and attractions are conveniently clustered together on the island’s northern side. Making it perfect for people with limited time. The rest of the island sparkles with spots that will take your breath away. This post will explore the North and all the points we visited and wanted to visit.

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What is Milos Greece known for?

As the name suggests, the world-famous statue of “Venus de Milo”, which now sits inside the Louvre, is from Milos. On 8 April 1820, Yorgos Kentrotas found Venus de Milo while he looked for stones to build a wall in an area close to the village of Trypiti. We’ll talk about the Ancient Roman Theatre near where the statue was found, so keep reading it.

After seeing the quality of his finding, Yorgos offered the statue to French-speaking sailors. Those sailors bought the statue, which was split into two pieces, for a bargain. The government and the people of Greece are asking the French to return the statue. A campaign was held in Milos in 2017 for Venus to return to its place of origin.

Researchers believe that the statue is from the late Hellenistic period, between 130 and 100 BC. Venus de Milo is over 2 meters, and it is actually the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. You can even see a sign indicating where the statue was found! And you will find it on your way to the Amphitheatre of Trypiti.

Welcome to Milos sign - best Milos beaches Fotostrasse
Papafragas - Milos beaches Fotostrasse

Milos beaches and exciting sites to visit in Milos in Greece

Let us tell you all we experienced and researched in Milos. What there is to do and see in Milos, one of the best islands in Greece! Here are the best tours and sights to see in Milos, so you can include them in your travel itinerary.

Check them out:

The first stop is Plaka, Milos

The city of Plaka is the historical centre of Milos, and where you will find some main sights of the island. From our yacht from Running on Waves, we had to take a small boat, and they always left us in Plaka. If you stay in Milos for a few days or weeks, consider making Plaka your base as it is one of the main points.

The capital is small village with beautiful tiny white houses and narrow streets – all very charming and traditional. As mentioned, Milos loses nothing to the most visited places like Santorini or Mykonos. The whole town is super photogenic and full of quirky little viewpoints. Oh, the countless spots where you can finish your camera’s batteries before you exhaust your legs with the ups and downs. It is honestly out of this world.

A tip to save forever: Greeks aren’t, in general, good examples of organized people. They resemble more people from Brazil, where we are from, than people from Germany, where we live. Due to this laid-back personality, you’ll find timetables with the times from Plaka to whatever in all bus stops. Make sure you remember how many minutes you took from Plaka to where you want to go and do the math yourself.
The best setup is to take the bus on the way to a place and try your luck on the way back. If you manage to get a bus, good. If not, call a taxi.

The capital of Milo is Plaka

Restaurants, cafes and typical shops are found all over the island. Close to the harbour, you’ll find several rental places for cars, quads and boat tours. I honestly don’t recommend renting a car or a quad because people over there drive like crazy. And I don’t have memories of seeing a single car without a bump mark.

Taxis aren’t expensive if you’re in a group, it is usually 10 euros from point A to B. Fixed prices for taxis, and you can ask beforehand how much it will be. Before your trip, bookmark this link, so you can have the taxi number always with you. Alternatively, buses are connecting Plaka to all significant interest points and more. Most lines were on an hourly basis most of the time, but there are exceptions. Buses were no more than 1 or 2 euros per person, per trip.

If you only have limited time in Milos as we did, we recommend you put on your best shoes and hike up to the Venetian Castle.

When the Venetians took over Milos from the Byzantine Empire, they built a castle on a hill in Plaka. This castle is not a typical castle surrounded by walls as typically the castles in the region aren’t. Instead, it is more of a fortified settlement than the usual image you have in your mind of a castle. It has outer houses built close to each other, effectively constituting the exterior wall of the castle.

Plaka in Milos - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Plaka in Milos - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Plaka in Milos - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Plaka in Milos - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse

The view you’ll have from the Venetian Castle is what makes all this hike worth it.

Prepare your cameras, lenses and drones! The view is the main reason you need to go up as the ruins aren’t awe-inspiring.

The castle is in crumbling ruins, and the hike is steep and slippery. Due to COVID-19, the castle and other buildings are closed for the public. Meaning, you can walk around on the outer parts, but you can’t enter the tiny houses, buildings and churches; maybe that is why I have this opinion. If you managed to get inside one of them, leave a comment telling us it is worth it. If you have the luxury of choosing when to go, try to start the walk when the sun is not at its peak. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat either way. Shoes with good grip will help you a lot on the way down.

From up there, you can see the majority of the northern part of the island and subsequently, several Milos beaches can be spotted. The changing of colour in the water from areas with a beach and areas without is spectacular.

View from Venetian Castle Plaka in Milos, Greece - Fotostrasse
Plaka in Milos, Greece - Fotostrasse
Venetian Castle in Plaka in Milos, Greece - Fotostrasse
Venetian Castle in Plaka in Milos, Greece - Fotostrasse

This was one of the best spots for flying a drone, but the winds were too strong for my tiny DJI Mavic Mini during our visit. Our lovely friend @n00b_fpv have an FPV drone he mounted himself, and he did the most outstanding shots!

Make sure to give him a follow there, by the way! And the best this blogger can offer is some of the photos I took of the breathtaking view this place offers.

Honourable mentions of Plaka that we didn’t have time to review ourselves

The village of Plaka has a considerable offer of bars, rooftop and terrace restaurants, museums, and more besides this castle. Panagia Korfiatissa (Milo’s cathedral), Folk and Historic Museum, War Museum and the Archaeological Museum in Plaka are honourable mentions.

View Venetian Castle in Plaka, Milos - Fotostrasse Guide to Milos
catacombs of Milo, Greece - Fotostrasse

With just a small hike from Plaka, you can reach Trypiti and its beauties.

Remember Venus de Milo? This is the area where Yorgos found the statue. Trypiti is a bus (or a hike!) away from Plaka. And in Trypiti is where you can find two of Milos’ highlights: The Old Theatre and Catacombs of Milos.

The ancient theatre of Milos preserves its style remaining from the Hellenistic Period (3rd century BC). It is an accurate archaeological site and a must-see on the island. Even more so for those who love history – it was here that they found the famous Venus de Milo we spoke about earlier. It is for free and is always open.

A few minutes by foot, next to the Amphitheatre, are the Catacombs of Milos. This site is where Christians buried their loved ones back in the day. The catacombs are there, preserved for hundreds of years. Visitation is from Wednesdays to Mondays from 9 am to 6.45 pm, and your visit costs €4 per person.

We didn’t go in because, due to corona, only 4 people were allowed, and the line was simply enormous. The waiting was around 45 minutes, and we decided to explore around.

catacombs of Milo, Greece - Fotostrasse
Trypidi, Milos - amphitheatre and catacombs
Trypidi, Milos - amphitheatre and catacombs
Trypidi, Milos - amphitheatre and catacombs

Where to eat in Trypiti

We eventually found the sign showing the place where Venus de Milo was found; it is somewhere between both sites, the theatre and the catacombs. It is nothing special, to be honest, but it was cool to see.

A noble mention goes to the restaurant we stumbled upon while hiking around the area. It was a flavourful and straightforward meal for a fair price. And as expected, we were surrounded by lovely cats the whole time.

We even learned that people that choose to go there for dinner, depending on the day, can have the roasted lamb done right there in the outside oven they have.

The name of the place is Methismeni Politia​, and I can’t recommend enough the octopus! Simple, fresh and amazingly cooked to perfection. Our friends tried other local dishes such as pork neck and a Greek-style aubergine that were amazing too! Vegetarian options were available, of course.

octopus with fries in Milos at Methismeni Politia
Methismeni Politia - where to eat in Trypidi, Milos
Methismeni Politia - where to eat in Trypidi, Milos

Klima and the cinematographic side of Milos

The fisherman village of Klima is one of the many fisherman villages in Milos. It has several very colourful houses right by the water. And a fancy restaurant for you to drink a glass of wine while you enjoy the magnificent show nature puts up every sunset for us.

The place is so outstanding that we even spotted a couple doing wedding photos on the beach – this is how incredible Milos beaches are. The tiny houses by the shore used to be homes of local fishermen and families or boathouses for that same fishermen, but nowadays, most are rented on websites such as

First, the story goes back to the mid-19th century, when these houses were owned by fishermen who used them as second homes and as boathouses. Fishermen lived in Plaka with had a spot in Klima for work. Those tiny homes’ landscape was usually the following: the lower floor was a storage room for the boat, while the top floor was a living room and a place for the fisherman to sleep.

Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse
Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse

History of Klima

During the 20th century, however, the fishermen’s huts changed and became second homes for the fishermen’s families. I can’t really blame them as Klima is gorgeous and peaceful. Today these houses are to rent for interested parties such as travellers, couples or honeymooners. Prices for it are on the salty side of the spectrum, but I imagine that for a honeymoon couple, a few nights might be the magic newly-married seek.

To get to Klima, you can take a taxi or walk down a trail from the Catacombs. If you have your own car, maybe you’ll find it hard to find a spot to park.

And of course, we made the hike downwards, and I’m here to tell you it is a good 6 or 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. Good grip, water bottle and small, steady steps from beginning to the end. The whole thing is around 20 or 30 minutes, a bit more if you’re a beginner and a bit less if you are fearless. After the way down through native vegetation and trails made of rock and dust, do the following: treat yourself to a bottle of cold sparkling water while you enjoy the company of the countless cats you’ll see in Klima. And then, order a wine.

I strongly suggest you make sure to be there when the sun sets because it is to die for. The sunset in Klima has a place on our top 3 best sunsets, and it was as beautiful as one we saw in Sirmione, Italy.

After this beautiful spectacle of mother nature, we asked the restaurant to call us a cab and 10 euros later, we hopped off near the harbour in Plaka.

Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse
Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse
Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse

Enjoying the most varied beaches of Milos

It is no news that one of the main attractions of Milos is the set of beaches the island has to offer. Most are paradisical, some are easy access but all different from each other.

Milos holds an impressive 75 beaches, and it is impossible to visit all of them in just 48 hours. For that, I will list our favourites. All options were easy to reach with the public transport, and some offered you a little more than just a place to enjoy the deep bluish-green water, but I will tell you more with photos.


Sarakiniko’s beach and shipwreck

This place is definitely one of the highlights in Milo, without a doubt. The white of the sandy landscape contrasts with the colourful see in one of the most mesmerizing sceneries I’ve ever seen.

The region of Sarakiniko is just around 15-20 minutes with the public bus from the harbour in Plaka. When you hop off, you will need to walk a bit to the shore.

Sarakiniko is one of the Milos beaches where rocks meet water. The white rock formations extend all the way until your eyes can’t see anymore. There is a beach where you can quickly enter the water. This beach is a real tourist attraction on the island, super striking because of its precise rock formation – from where you can even jump directly into the sea! It is a beach different from the others, and definitely worth a visit. But the surroundings are the star of your days. On the map, you’ll see how close it is.

The shipwreck was one of the highlights for us since we love to fly our drones. It was quite a walk from the beach, but the view makes you not care about the time you spend walking. I swear.

The wrecked pieces belong to the tanker Africa which crashed into the rocks during a storm in 2003. Based on the photos we found on Google, there was an effort to take most of the metal out of the sea, but you can still spot some.

It was easier to see what was left and what was gone with our drone. But the visit is worth it even if you only have your phone or camera with you. Photos from the shore are still adorable, and it is a lifetime opportunity to see a shipwreck.


The Milos Beach and Caves in Papafragas

Papafrakgas or Papafragas is the name of a point on the island of Milos that contains a very small beach, quiet and great for swimming. It was one of the rawest nature-views of the island, in our opinion.

The Milos beach of Papafragas is one of the best beaches in Milos and a must-see on your next visit to this beautiful island in Greece. This site features an idyllic, rectangular-shaped cove surrounded by tall cliffs and natural caves. It is outstanding, and for the best photos, you need to be fearless as the cliffs have almost no fence protection.

We managed to visit some naturally occurring caves, but not the cove; it was closed. There was no information on why just a sign with the sayings:  “Don’t enter” We assume it was due to the high tide and the strong winds. The waves were crashing quite violently under us. We highly recommend assessing the water and wind conditions before heading down the cliffside stairs to the beach. You don’t want to risk getting washed around down in the caves. Milos is not touristic enough, and there is nowhere to ask for help in case something happens. Please be smart and do like us; when conditions are questionable, enjoy Papafragas’ caves from the top of the cliffs.

When you hop off the public transport, you’re already where you can spot some caves. For the main beach, you’ll need to walk for 10 minutes. Just go towards Paralia on the map. It is a unique location and unlike any other beach that I’ve ever seen! Paralias is for sure more prepared for people wanting to enter the water.

Papafragas caves and beaches - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Papafragas caves and beaches - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Papafragas caves and beaches - Milos beaches by Fotostrasse
Milos beaches by Fotostrasse

Boat ride through the waters of Milos

If you have the opportunity, take a boat trip through the sea of Milos. One of the best ways is to see many Milos beaches one day, especially those on the island’s south side that are only accessible by boats, such as Kleftiko. These tours usually last all day long, in excursion format, and we haven’t done them ourselves, but many of the people we met highly recommend.

You can spot several options near the harbour in Plaka, where we mentioned earlier that you could rent a car or a quad. From our initial field research, most tours are similar in prices and which beaches they visit. Differences lie more on timetables and level of luxury.

If you are anxious like we are and can’t, for the love of all gods, wait until the very last minute to save your spot on a boat; check out this online option of a fantastic boat tour to Kleftiko. The price offered is the same as the ones we saw on agencies in Plaka, but you have free cancellation, and all arrives by email, and a printer isn’t required. Make sure you know where the meeting point is, and you’re good to go. If you want more options, there are several boat tours offered in Milos with the same level of practicality.

This agency also offers boat trips to Poliegos with Breakfast and lunch included in the price. It is one of the most famous types of boat trips in Milos, and you do it all by catamaran!



Other tours you can take in Milos

The options for tours on the island are not limited to boat tours. Milos is much more than a beach destination and offers you an outstanding landscape that can go from old mining sites to huge cliffs where you will feel as small as a grain of sand. While we were with Running on Waves, the crew suggested a few of the tours for all passages but unfortunately, since we weren’t so many folks, we didn’t meet the minimum. But regardless of it, we want to show you those possibilities.

Tips to make the most of your trip to Greece

To conclude this post, I want to tell you a thing or two about how to make your stay memorable.

Now that you know everything about Milos in Greece, what to do, where to go, the best Milos beaches and even where to find a shipwreck, let me end the post with a list of great tips that makes all the difference.

First and foremost, remember that we are still dealing with a deadly virus, and for this reason, travel medical insurance is a must. We strongly recommend SafetyWing, and this is not our first post about them. They have pretty flexible rates, and reviews are always very 5-star-ish.

The second tip is about your money and how you pretend to pay for things in Greece. ATMs are not very common like in Berlin or NYC, but everywhere you can pay with your card. Since we have an audience as American as it is European, a portion of you might find it helpful to make a free account on Revolut. Revolut can save you tons of money on currency exchange rates and works just like a regular debit card in and out of your home country.

The next thing is maybe more important than all the above: sunscreen and sunglasses with real UVA/UVB protection are a must. Marian had a serious sunburn in his eyes due to the brightness of Milo’s sun on the white sand of Sarakiniko. It was very scary, and he suffered from pain and swelling of his eyes for more than 36 hours.

Finally, the last tip is about when to travel to Milos

The Greek islands are very cruel in the summer months. Temperatures easily pass the mark of 35 degrees Celsius (95°F). Light clothes, good sunglasses, high-quality sunscreen make the difference between a crappy and incredible time in Greece. Milos isn’t the best in offering shades when you’re out exploring the beaches or doing a hike, so please make sure you have liquids. Also, if you’re feeling a bit light-headed, get yourself ice cream or a cold beverage somewhere. There is no shortage of refreshments on Greek soil.

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Methismeni Politia




Kleftiko Beach

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