Berlin, Berlin is a amazing poetic visualization of this amazing city that is Berlin in the form of a video. I’ve found it browsing on the web and what catched my attention was the fact that this initial scene – and several others, of course – were recorded at the place where Fotostrasse did its 3rd edition, an abandoned hospital in Neukölln. You can see the pictures we took there on our Facebook Album and on mine Flickr account.

Now that we will have warmers days in the near future, I encourage you all to take a look at the amazing photos from that past edition and save a date on your calendar to get to know the place. It’s been almost 1 year since I went there last time, but as far as I know, it is still pretty easy to get there and see graffiti on the walls.

Fotostrasse #3 - Medical Exploration
Fotostrasse #3 - Medical Exploration

Just one piece of advice, the alarm will go off if you try to enter the main building and the police will, eventually, show up and ask questions. On Fotostrasse’s event, me and maybe 5% of the people were brave enough to get inside the main building and start to explore and that’s how we know about the alarm. The police never found us because as soon as we heard the noise, we got out of there.

I ain’t encouraging nobody to do any illegal stuff, but if you really want to see the main building (and it’s worth it!), leave it to the end of your visit. Like this you will be able to see the whole complex, take your photos, go to the roof, enter all the doors, blablabla and after that, explore where there is a big chance of you having to leave the abandoned hospital really fast.

Where, how and level of difficulty

The level of difficulty I would guess between 1~2 in a scale of 10. It is pretty easy to get in and get out, just go around looking for wholes on the fence. One time the main gate was widely open and there were a car parked inside. That’s how easy is to get in.

Mariendorfer Weg 28Berlin 12051, Deutschland is the address you are looking for and Hermannstraße U+S Bahnhof is the station.