I’ve decided to do this list because there are some items that we cannot (and will not) travel without. I’ll cover our essentials and tell you the pros, the whys and much more about every single item on this list.

Those “My essential travel accessories” lists are important because sometimes you face a problem while abroad and you don’t know how to solve it. Since we’re super experienced travelers with at least one trip per month, we’ve probably faced that (and others) problems too.

PowerCube is the best travel accessory ever!

Those beautifully designed cubes are a gift from heaven. Have you ever been to a hostel that had nowhere to plug your phone next to your bed? Have you ever struggled with the different plugs from different countries? Tired to try to fit all your chargers at once?

I know we did. Oh boy, you cannot imagine how frustrated we are when things like that happens. Me and Felipe, we have different tastes and necessity, so this first item will be actually 2.

My personal favorite from all the variety of PowerCubes is the one with different butts. Besides, purple is the closest I could get from pink. hahahaha. Felipe, on the other hand, likes his power strip to be a bit slimmer than a cube. He rather go with this long grey PowerBar. But please check it out the giant variety of models they have here. Maybe you’ll find a better one for your necessities.
PowerCube is the best travel accessory ever! PowerCube is the best travel accessory ever!

Both of our options are great because they come with 2 USB ports for easier phone or kindle or whatever charging. So you don’t need to even worry about bringing more plugs than your PowerCube.

Another great point that my purple cube has is this: its design allows me to fit all the different sizes of plugs, chargers and more. A normal power strip makes you sometimes have to skip 1 hole to fit 2 big chargers at once, right? Not with this one here.

PowerCube is the best travel accessory ever!

Here you can buy my PowerCube and Felipe’s PowerBar on Amazon. You won’t regret it!

Felipe’s Ergodyne Arsenal Waterproof Backpack

For some weird reason Felipe is obsessed with things that are waterproof. Does your husband/wife/friend too? I mean, I get that is cool and all but, you know? He thinks it is way more cool than I could ever. But I gotta say that this bag is wonderful as you can see on the video below.

travel accessories Felipe's Ergodyne Arsenal Waterproof BackpackFor me, even without the waterproof feature, I’ll totally go for it for one simple reason. You can wear it as a duffel bag or a backpack. So you don’t need to always have a backpack or always carry on your hands, you know? Besides, his Ergodyne Arsenal is super low budget flights friendly! Since it is not “hard” like my luggage, he can easily rearrange the items inside to fit the standards.

This backpack has also some cool features like a top pocket specially designed for passports and other documents. This space makes your traveler’s life easier, trust me. And has some designed “handles” for extra storage. If you have a bottle of water or a dirty pair of shoes, just clip them on on the side and be happy!

If you are like him and would love one of those, click here to go to Amazon.de and get one Ergodyne Arsenal!

My Hauptstadtkoffer cabin size best friend

My Hauptstadtkoffer cabin size best friend travel accessories
Whilst some folks prefer to carry their stuff on a backpack, others enjoy an easiness of a trolley. I’m the 2nd kind of person.

After testing many different styles and designs, I got my heart went for the Hauptstadtkoffer. I love how it opens in the middle giving me more control of my stuff when I have to pass through security! I mean, before I used to have one of those trolleys that opened on the “top” and it was a mess.

My Hauptstadtkoffer helps me, true messy individual, to be organized. At least as much as I can, right? But for real, one side I keep my clothes, the other the electronics and toiletries and voilà!

And besides the practical side of my Hauptstadtkoffer, I gotta say that its wheels are super damn smooth. And if you’re the 2nd kind of person like me, you know how important that is. And they are resistant too, this luggage is with me for at least 2 years. 2 years of heavy traveling I have to add.

If you are lookig for a new bag, you need to look at my Hauptstadtkoffer on Amazon.de.

Maybe the most useful travel accessory: Anker Astro

Maybe the most useful travel accessory: Anker Astro
For a couple that has 2 huge iPhones, an Action Camera, a Canon Legria and use it all the time, we need a lot of power. Those tiny extra batteries that normal people use don’t even make my phone go beyond 30%.

Anker Astro is our dearest baby because it has power for everything. And we’re entering on this 3rd year of continued use.

And the proof that those extra bucks are worth it is the fact that we’re heavy users of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And we keep updating our channels even when we’re abroad. And it is all because of Anker Astro!

You need to buy one Anker Astro.

Rolo Travel Bag: The best bag for frequent travelers

For frequent travelers like us, one of our biggest concerns is packing. Are we carrying everything we need? Is everything in the right place? I never know these things but Felipe does, and this is one of the reasons he decided to get a Rolo Travel Bag.

For frequent travelers like us, one of our biggest concerns is packing. Are we carrying everything we need? Is everything on the right place? I never know these things but Felipe does, and this is one of the reasons he decided to get a Rolo Travel Bag.This is not for me since I already said that I cannot be organized, but some people can be! So, Rolo Travel Bag is designed to make packing easy and to make everything a lot more organized.

You must be asking yourself how did they plan to do that and I’m here to tell you that they do it because Rolo is a flat bag with several zippered mesh pockets that fit everything there. After you are done with packing, you can roll it up and keep your things sealed and safe inside your Rolo.

Usually, Felipe carries it inside his waterproof bag, but I think he used only the bag to travel to Aachen a while ago. And if you like smaller products like this one and not big luggage like me, maybe you’ll enjoy this list of travel backpacks. With the amount of photo equipment I travel with most of the times, it is rare the occasions where I can use just a backpack. But if you’re one of the lucky ones, enjoy it.

If you want to try one out, get yourself one Rolo Travel Bag as we did!

For frequent travelers like us, one of our biggest concerns is packing. Are we carrying everything we need? Is everything on the right place? I never know these things but Felipe does and this is one of the reasons he decided to get a Rolo Travel Bag.

Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

This travel accessory here is what we Brazilians call a Mão na roda. It means that can save your life when you least expect. Even with our Anker and all, sometimes we face the problem of being without a charger. Mostly happens due to the fact that we don’t go everywhere together.

We have the mission of gathering the most possible amount of content for Fotostrasse. And sometimes this means go in different directions. When there is a 2 options of places to visit in one day, we go to both. And because of this sometimes either Felipe or me faces the problem of having not enough battery for the whole day.

This magic Lightning to Micro USB Adapter helps you when you’re surrounded by people with Androids and you have an iPhone. Now every single micro USB is you lightning cable.

Even if you don’t use this item every trip you make, it is super cheap and small. You can stash it anywhere and bring it along for emergencies. Check it out for yourself here.
Lightning to Micro USB Adapter travel accessories

Be safe when you’re on the go

When you want to combine work with travel, these Cloud services are really useful – Windows Desktops Online from CloudDesktopOnline.com and shared files, calendars, contacts, and tasks from CloudAppsPortal.com.

So guys, that was our list. But please feel free to tell me your recommendations on the comments below, ok? And if you have a problem that it is not mentioned here and need help with it. Worry no more! Our Facebook group is filled with experts and amateurs travelers that can and will help you out!

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