Urban Exploration with Cats

In the forgotten Eastern city of Guben

In the eastern German city of Guben, you can find an abandoned fish factory with loads of cute and well-fed cats that are just waiting to be your tour guide around the enormous place. This is urban exploration with cats.

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Where is Guben?

Guben is located on the border with Poland, in Brandenburg. Guben also has a Polish side, Gubin. Now Gubin is a different city, but back in the days, before the last world war, Guben and Gubin were one.

I’m telling you this so you can remember why there are so many abandoned places like this fish factory in Brandenburg and the rest of the East. With the fall of the wall dividing Germany into two, the whole economy which the GDR was based on, collapsed. Many people lost their jobs, many factories and shops closed their doors, and many buildings are still empty.

What about this abandoned factory in Guben? What is the deal?

This place in specific managed to maintain its doors opens for a few years more, it closed down in the early 90s, and until now it is abandoned. Abandoned by humans, because it is filled with cute and friendly cats.

What’s better than seeing some forgotten places, discovering new art on the walls, taking some cool photos and all the excitement that comes with Urbex with the company of fluffy balls of fur? That is right: NOTHING.

Guben is around 2 hours from Berlin by train, and this place is reasonably close to the train station. Entering this site is quite easy, and all the cats are well fed and taken care of by a lovely local lady. She comes around daily to give food and see if they are ok. As long as you respect the cuties, you’ll have no problem with her.

My favorite cat was this fatty cat you can see all over our video, it was a he and he is super friendly and love to get petted. Actually, he sometimes demands attention. Check the end of the video, and you can see him politely asking Marian “Sir, I’m here, can you…uh….maybe…please?”

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_TysNutU5aA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And the cats? Tell me more about the cats, Marcela! I don’t wanna know about Guben; I want to know about the cats

In total around fifteen cats are living over there. We only saw 4. And you’ll just see 3. Since one of them was faster than me and disappeared into one of the principal buildings before I got my camera.

You wanna know how long the cats are there? The white-ish one you see on the video and over this photo on the side here. She is living inside this abandoned factory in Guben for over a decade according to the cat lady. Her name translates into “granny”. She is very friendly but didn’t want me to touch her. Legend has it she’s the oldest inhabitant of this place.

It is funny how you arrive at this place and the cats kind of guide you around. They just stand in front of the doors with their houses. So cute! Like they are showing you around. Little cute furry tour guides they were.

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Guben, Germany

Should you spend the night in Guben? If so, where?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any hotels to recommend in Guben but since it is quite easy to get there, a day trip from Berlin is possible. Honestly, don’t go just for this abandoned factory, it is not worth it to get on a train for two hours just for that. But if you’re in the area for the Polish market on Gubin and maybe a walk around the downtown of Guben, then it is ok. Just keep in mind that Guben is very small and it is not filled with tourist stuff.

Check our youtube channel to see what is a Polish Market if you’re not familiar with this. It is very nice!

I also want to invite you all to join us on our Instagram and on our Facebook Group. Just let me know there who you are and where are you from and I will sure let you in.