This was Berlin in 1900. More than a hundred years ago and before the war, before the wall, before the nazis, before the communists, before east and west, before the hipsters and the döner. In other words: before it was coolIn this video of Berlin, you can have a look on how this amazing city used to look like.

Check out the architecture how different it was! Crazy to see how different the city looks like nowadays. So different that it might be difficult to recognise most of the buildings and places you can see on the video below.

If you pay attention, around the minute 0:30 you can have a glimpse of how Alexanderplatz used to look like. A rare footage from one of the most iconic places here in Berlin.

Another notable moment on the video is around the 2nd minute: Friedrichstraße S-bahn station crossing the Friedrichstraße itself. A green and unusual – for our 2014’s eyes – train crossing the street. After the shot from Friedrichstraße, you can spot a bunch of gentlemen all suit up drinking beer in the old style cups proven that a lot has changed but some things remains the same. Berliners will be berliners, be that in 1900 or more than a hundred years later. Some things don’t change even though the city changed a lot.

We can’t recognise most of the places in this video but if you can, please tell us on the comments below. We’re dying to put a name on all those streets we see here in this video of Berlin in 1900. Even if some of them don’t exist anymore in todays’ Berlin.

Update Oct/2015: We just heard from reliable sources that some of the footage is from Munich. If you recognize any more cities, please let us know.
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