Puglia is one of the nicest parts of Italy. For all of you who sees geography more like me and less like Felipe, it’s the heel of the boot! With that said, Puglia can be, without even trying, one of the most beautiful places on earth! It has the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, it’s one of the warmest parts of Italy (yayyyy! f*ck you winter! Sun, here I come!) and the food… oh my god the food!!!!

Some of you already figured it out that my name can only mean that I’m a decedent of one particular country, huh? Marcela, the brazilian version of one of the most well known Italian names: Marcella. (Yay, I’m 1/2 Italian!!!)

So, take my word on this one because I know what I’m talking about, Italy is definitely the most beautiful country in Europe, and Puglia will not disappoint you in any way, look at those photos!

taranto by night - italy
Puglia Basilicata Lazio

Puglia Village will have mini squares in many Europeans cities and Berlin is one of them.

  • Vienna, Museumsquartier 11 – 21 April
  • Berlin, Sony Center 28 – 6 May
  • Munich, Olympiapark 15 – 24 May
  • London, South Bank Riverside Walkway 06 – 15 June
  • Paris, Gare Montparnasse 21 – 30 June
  • Dublin, George’s Dock 06 – 15 July

lungomare di bari, puglia - italia

But why the hell you are posting this here, Marcela?

Because Fotostrasse was invited to help out during the road show here in Berlin. So if you want to meet us, please come by!!! It will be really fun, I can’t wait!

Over there you will learn about the culture, handicraft and culinary traditions they have in Puglia. Every day will be a rich and full program of activities for adults and kids.

Do you want to learn how to prepare homemade “orecchiette” and “taralli”? Know all the Mediterranean herbs and the way to use them for cooking? Learn how to dance the “Pizzica”? Have your first try on the tambourine? Taste their amazing wine? This is that once in a life time opportunity to try in your home city, what to expect from your holiday trip without packing your bag. And I guarantee that you’ll leave Sony Center each day thinking “Why haven’t I been to Puglia before?

Vieste - Puglia - Italy.
Polignano a mare (Bari) (Italia)

So, please have a look and search for the hashtag #WeAreinPuglia on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and find everything about the events all around Europe and let’s get to know us better while we drink THE best wine!