What to do in Agra besides the Taj Mahal

Because we want always to give you the non-obvious options everywhere

Every day of every year, hundreds of tourists arrive in the beautiful city of Agra in India. Of course that the primary goal is to see the main Indian postcard, the Taj Mahal. But as you know, the Taj Mahal is beautiful and all but is exceptionally crowded. This post is to enlight you to discover other options on what to do in Agra and give you a few hotels in Agra for accommodation.

The first thing you need to know about Agra

Agra’s airport is no more. That means that you can only get there by car or by train. And the trip can take a good few hours if you’re coming from Delhi. Which is the closest and most convenient airport to land?

You can easily hire a driver to take you from one city to the other; quick research online gave me that the best, safer and best suitable for photographers is to go by car. Keep in mind that will cost you around 50 euros this trip, but with a personal driver, you can make stops on several incredible spots along the way. Get your driver from a real travel agency; you can easily find one asking your hotel in Delhi. And it is worth to mention that you should always travel with a friend if you’re hiring services like this, especially if you’re a girl.

Some of the must-stop spots along the way are Mathura, where Krishna was born. Even though it is forbidden to take photos of this temple, it is unforgettable due to the importance of Hinduism to India. And Mathura is nontouristic at all, so expect a very raw and unique India. Those stops add quite a lot to the list of what to do in Agra and around.

In Sikandara, the Akbar’s tomb is worth a visit too. It is an architectural masterpiece, and it was built for one of the most important Mughal emperors. You have to pay to get in but nothing that will break your wallet. It will be less than 2 US Dollars, maximum.

What to do in Agra

Agra Fort

One of the most important monuments of the city of Agra. It’s a bit outside of the city center but nothing that will eat your time too much. Besides, you’ll have a unique view of the glorious Taj Mahal.
It is a Unesco world heritage, and it is where the emperor responsible for the Taj Mahal’s spent his last years. To get in it is about 4 Euros – or 5 US Dollars

Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah

Don’t worry. We don’t know how to pronounce this either. So you’re not alone.

This place is known as the baby Taj. Why? Because it is very similar to the great big white Taj Mahal. And try to go before Taj Mahal to keep the WOW effect, ok? After the Taj, the experience won’t be the same. To get in is around 2 euros or less.

Hotels in Agra

If seeing the Taj Mahal is your main goal, the Radisson Blu is the hotel to choose. But following this link with several options for hotels in Agra will help you wonders. There you can find hotels based on location and proximity to sightseeing spots and budget.

Where to eat in Agra

One of the most curious and exciting places to eat in Agra is the Sheroes Hangout. This place won the spotlight in many news outlets because it was created and managed only by women who survived acid attacks. It is one of the places I want to visit the most on my trip to Agra.

This restaurant helps create awareness for women situation and condition in India, and by going there, you support a significant cause. A great way to not only consume India but to help the country and its inhabitants too! Fotostrasse always encouraged and will always support places with a strong statement like Sheroes Hangout.

Sheroes Hangout is just a few blocks from the Taj Mahal if you go there, please tell us your story in the comments below. Or even in our facebook group! We have tons of travelers dying to hear and see exciting stories from around the world.

Hope you liked our post and I can’t wait to visit India for the first time. How about you?

Photos of this post were not taken by us. Instead, we used Dr. Partha Sarathi SahanaAleksandr Zykov, and Daniel Mennerich's work.