I am Tulio and I’m here to give you tips on what to do in Berlin. I am originally from the middle of nowhere in the heart of Brazil. A place I call the “Texas of Brazil” given its backward mentality. I have lived all over, but Nothern California and São Paulo were the two places I lived the longest after I left my hometown.

I studied Law, but that obviously was not for me. So I moved to Cali where I went to grad school for Marketing and Strategy. Got hired out of Business School from a giant pharma company where I worked for many years. I got bored and decided to flip my life completely!

Then Berlin happened! We (my partner Regis and I) decided to come here for an adventure and to see if this city would charm us as it does to so many free spirits. And it did! Like a week after we arrived we knew we would be spending many many years here! It has been 4 and half years now…and I am still every bit as much in love with Berlin.

In 2014 I got inspired to start sharing my favorite spots in Berlin. So I created a website and social media platform called Awesome Berlin. We focus on everything that’s awesome in the city (events, nightlife, bars, restaurants, neighborhoods, attractions and gay life).

Khwan Thai Barbecue

Khwan Thai Barbecue is one of the most exciting things to happen to the Berlin food scene this year. Khwan took over the Craft & Smoke space at RAW-Gelände as a longer term pop up experiment. The menu showcases some exciting starters, like the wonderful bite-size “Miang Kham” (coconut, peanut, lime, chili, Thai shallot, and more …all wrapped in bethel leaves), roast oysters with “Nam Jim” sauce and the charred corn and coconut. The stars of the menu, however, are the main dishes. An amazing selection of beautiful brained/marinated/fermented/smoked/roasted/grilled (Yes!) protein bathed in very exciting herbs and spices.

Tip: Order “The Feast” to get a chance to sample most dishes and bring friends along to help you devour it all!

ATTENTION: As this is a “residency operation/pop-up”, they have a peculiar opening hours schedule: Thursday to Saturday 6 pm till late and SUNDAY brunch barbecue 11amtill afternoon.

Mikkeller Craft Beer Bar

Mikkeller (basically the best Danish craft brewery and one of the best in the world) has just joined the Berlin craft beer scene. The bar’s design is somewhat minimal, mixing white brick, wooden elements, and fun yet simple light fixtures. There are 24 craft options on tap. The vast majority of them are their brews, ranging from Pils, IPA to Ales, Sour and Wild Ales, and Stouts. They offer a few guest crafts as well. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The vibes were mellow and casual. A very cool place to start the night with friends. Mikkeller is also a smoke-free bar.

What to do in Berlin: Käthe Kollwitz Museum

Käthe Kollwitz spent most of her life in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district (a working class neighborhood at the time) and is considered one of the most important German artists of her time. Without a doubt, the Käthe Kollwitz Museum is one of the most special art spaces in Berlin. It houses the incredible art collection of this amazing German artist (Käthe Kollwitz). The museum is located on one of Charlottenburg’s most charming streets (Fasanenstrasse) in a late 1800s villa. The museum is relatively small and can be visited in less than 90 minutes. Unless you fall in love with Kollwitz’s art (very likely). This art space showcases hundreds of her finest drawings, etchings, posters, woodcuts, and sculptures. The upper floor contains an impressive 2.1 meter-high sculpture of Kollwitz by Gustav Seitz. There are special exhibitions roughly twice a year.

what to do in Berlin

Habermannsee, the best place to swim in Berlin

Insider tip alert! Habermannsee is one of the less known of the Berliner lakes, on the far-east side of Berlin. There, you will probably hear no other language than German, since it’s frequented mostly by locals. One of the three lakes of the Kaulsdorf district, this artificial water spot, shaped in the 1930’s, is surrounded by an environmental protection area. A very green landscape. The water is really calm and pristine, making it ideal for swimming or for stand-up paddling. There are no amenities or “Spätis” around, so be sure to bring everything you need for a picnic/snack. And – of course – don’t forget to take back the trash you produced!

Pianosalon Christophori

Imagine a semi-abandoned garage complex in the up-and-coming working class neighborhood of Berlin Wedding. Now imagine it being used as an intimate concert hall and cultural center. Think piano paraphernalia hanging from walls, trinkets galore, old couches and chairs, chandeliers hanging from chains. The atmosphere is just magical and unique. The salon itself is part of a privately funded cultural center called Uferhallen. It was created to provide a space for artists to work, study and perform. The entrance is free. They ask, in the end, if you can, to donate whatever you feel is appropriate. It is important to reserve your spot on their website, though. Once you get there, there will be a fucked-up chair with your name on a piece of paper, waiting for you. Could not love it more!

Welcome to Pianosalon Christophorim, everybody!

what to do in Berlin

Going Local is a series of interviews that we are doing with people that live and enjoy the city they live. You can read more interviews filled with tips here. And if you want to be featured here, this link will tell you how. We're always looking for more locals to share their favorite spots!

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Going Local is a series of interviews that we are doing with people that live and enjoy the city they live. You can read more interviews filled with tips here. And if you want to be featured here, this link will tell you how. We're always looking for more locals to share their favorite spots!