What you should know about Liveaboard Diving Trip


If you are a diving enthusiast, taking part in a liveaboard gives you a unique leaping experience regardless of the location? 

You also get to marvel at nature and be adventurous as you cruise from one dive region to the other. 

Not only will you get up to 4 dives per day, but you will also visit sites that you would hardly see during a day trip. What this means is that you will interact with unspoiled marine life and reefs which have not been damaged by the frequenting of dive sites near the shore. 

You will also meet and interact with different people from various parts of the world, watch the stars as you sleep, and relax in the hot sun. 

Let’s find out various things you should know about Indonesia liveaboard

Understanding a Liveaboard

A liveaboard can be defined as a multiple-day trip that’s often tailored to scuba diving. Many of the Indonesia liveaboards come with fully furnished facilities and can accommodate up to 16 guests. 

Trips can last between 3 to 14 days onboard a ship where all you do is dive, sleep and eat with each dawning day. 

Guests can either stay in a shared bunk room or individual rooms just to eat, sleep, and relax without diving. 

Some liveaboards are exclusive for diving while others are specially designed for guests who don’t fancy diving. 

What you require for your diving experience

Do you need any previous diving experience before embarking on a liveaboard trip? This is a question that many people grapple with. 

It’s worth mentioning that some liveaboards only deal with people who have open water certifications. 

Confirm the requirements with your boat in advance to avoid disappointments on the final day. Being certified or having an advanced certification in open water is beneficial. 

For instance, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a comprehensive exploration session of the dive sites. 

Advanced divers in some sites can plunge up to 30 meters deep. Those without certification are however barred from exploring the sites extensively and are restricted to only 18 meters. 

Do you already have an open water certification? Chances are that you will return with an advanced certification since they’re issued on the boat. 

Assuming you have a certification but have not participated in diving for some time, you could be anxious. 

Don’t worry however because you can always get a refresher course on the ship before you can embark on your diving experience. 

Liveaboard Diving Trip

Liveaboard Diving Trip

What do you get in a Liveaboard?

The features included in each liveaboard depend on your trip or boat of choice. Still, some general additions are incorporated in all Indonesia liveaboard trips. 

As a liveaboard guest, you will have a private room bed of a dorm bed. 

All meals are included in the final price. Further, you will have full access to any equipment you may need for effective diving. 

Some people prefer bringing their own equipment and can do so at will.

What does Your Indonesia Liveaboard Price Cover?

For the price you pay you will get:

      • BCD & regulators
      • Air tanks
      • Weight belt

You will also need other equipment. These will either be included in the liveaboard fee or cost you an extra rental amount depending on your trip. Find out in advance to avoid surprises. These are:


      • Wetsuit
      • Dive computer
      • Mask
      • Booties and Fins

According to experts, you should consider buying your own mask. This is because you will have a variety of masks to choose from a well-stocked store. 

You will have an opportunity to choose one that best fits you around your face well for ultimate comfort. 

Remember, rental masks won’t fit every face appropriately. Some will be leaking which can be uncomfortable.


Are you looking to engage in an adventurous activity? Participate in an Indonesia liveaboard and enjoy many days of diving, meeting new people and making friends, and relaxing.