One of my favorite topics is for sure the hidden gems when it comes to food. When we went to Dresden last year, we didn’t really explore a lot outside the old city so most of the places I’ll list here are easy to find and because of that, instead of giving you a list of places like you usually find around the web, I’ll give a list of what to order and must-try options.

The asparagus menü at Dresden 1900

Dresden 1900 is maybe the most touristy place because it is in front of the Frauenkirche, but because it is in front of one of the most famous sites in the city, I think we can forgive the “touristyness”. Besides, we went to Dresden in spring, the weather was fantastic and the sky was blue. The flowers were blooming so the smell and the surroundings were just perfect.

The asparagus season is available only for a few weeks during the year but, if you end up going to Dresden in May or June, please check it out. On the pictures you can see the Spargelsalat (asparagus salad) and the option not so vegetarian with schnitzel and potato.

Where to eat in Dresden // Dresden 1900Where to eat in Dresden // Dresden 1900

You can see the whole menu and more info here.

Where to Stay In Dresden

If you are planning on visiting Dresden and doesn’t know where to stay, I can advise you to stay at the Cityherberge. The hostel is quiet, clean, comfortable and well located close to the old part of Dresden and not that far away from the main train station. The bed is nice, the bathroom are big and the only problem I had there was that the wi-fi could be more stable. Besides that, I would advise everybody to stay there.

Altmarktkeller and their amazing atmosphere

Where to eat in Dresden // Altmarktkeller

The Altmarktkeller is one of those places where the live music does not bother you, even if you are not a big fan of eating with a band playing. They change their menu quite often, so you have to double check if you can find those 2 dishes whenever you visit Dresden, but by the taste of their food, I’m pretty sure everything they have will be amazing.

One the photo you can see a bratkartoffeln (baked potato) with pieces of chicken cooked to perfection and a side of salad. On the other photo a potato&cheese dumpling and salad with mushroom and pork meat.

Where to eat in Dresden // Altmarktkeller

Find out more about the place here

Dresdner Eierschecke and more at Coselpalais

One of the must eat things while in Dresden is the Dresdner eierschecke. This cheesecake-like specialty is just heaven in your mouth. It is not quite a cheesecake, it it more like a sheet cake. You can read more about it on the post I did only about the Eierschecke from Dresden.

The eierschecke was fantastic but, if you’re craving for something more to the chocolate side of life, please try their chocolate cake.

Where to eat in Dresden // CoselpalaisWhere to eat in Dresden // Coselpalais

More info about the variety of desserts and salty options Coselpalais offers here

I wish I had more time to explore Dresden and find a lot more places where to eat in Dresden. I need more food surprises around this beautiful city. Next time I go there, I know that I have to try my luck more with different places.