Once there were bunch of Germans who were super fed up with seeing fruit rotting on trees in some of the cities here in Germany. Because of that they got together and have set up a website showing everybody where to find trees bearing free fruit and encouraging them to pick it. The website now has most of Europe covered!

Katharina Frosch, one of the fed up Germans I mentioned above, had this wonderful idea while canoeing in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt one summer. According to her she noticed an abundance of ripe fruit hanging on riverside trees and thought: “Hmmm?”

Katharina and four more friends – a group of fruit fanatics – set up the website Mundraub.org. And on this website, you can see a map showing the exact location of fruit trees in Germany, in Austria, Uk and some even in USA and Asia. On this map you’ll locate almost all the fruits that can be picked for free! And get in touch or add yourself if you know any on your country that you haven’t spotted there, ok?

“We don’t want fruit which doesn’t belong to anyone to rot on trees any more so we’re making Mundraub — the theft of this fruit — socially acceptable,” they say on their website about free fruits everywhere.

Katharina and her friends say they will try to ensure that tree owners agree to people picking, as the platform grows. And Mundraub.org makes it clear that pickers should not to touch trees if there is any doubt over whether fruit picking is allowed. But if the tree is in a park or something, there’s nothing between you and a free fruit! The Berlin part of the map is huge and filled with several kinds of fruits waiting for us! Spring is here, baby, lets enjoy our free fruits together was the weather gets better and better!

If you know any website that has a similar idea behind it or you think it is cool, get in touch with us on the comments. Lets spread the word around!