Where to go next?

5 Awesome Countries and What to Do There

Planning to go on a holiday trip? Asking yourself where to go? If you’re looking for new places to explore this year, here is a list of some awesome countries you can visit. Some you can already find content about it on Fotostrasse and some we still haven’t written about yet. Either way, is you need any more inspiration or if you end up with questions, feel free to join our Facebook Group and contact us there directly.


Where to go in Europe? Take tours around Italy!

Traveling to Italy is always a good idea, with its endless selection of places to visit and things to do. One of the best ways to move around this beautiful country is to book onto a tour; this will ensure that you do not miss out on any sights you want to see and add ease to your trip. For example, a tour can take you to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, an iconic tourist spot, or to the Vatican Museum; a huge complex that showcases several grand collections of art and history.

For the nature lovers, the Northern region of Italy is home to many beautiful lakes, such as Lake Como. Another must-visit is Alberobello, a Unesco World Heritage Site; it is a small, picturesque town with a couple of restaurants, bars, and museums. It is best to visit the town during November to April since it is less crowded with tourists. We did a lot of Puglia in February/March, and the weather was fantastic!

No trip to Italy is complete without exploring Florence. Good food, museums, architecture, and gelato – they have everything a normal tourist would enjoy. Don’t forget to go on wine tours in the Tuscan region to experience the countryside as well.

Where to go in South East Asia? Island hop in the Philippines!

The Philippines is a beautiful archipelago and is one of the best places to go island hopping. We went there back in 2014, and there’s a whole post showing you reasons to visit this great country! Visit El Nido in Palawan and witness the beauty of the Bacuit Archipelago. Take a tour through the Virgin Islands, mangrove forests, marble cliffs, caves, and lagoons.

Another place you must visit is Moalboal in Cebu; it is known for the incredible sardine run which you can see when snorkeling. Divers would definitely enjoy this place due to its rich marine ecosystem of fishes, corals and sea turtles.

Other beautiful places to go island hopping are Samal in Davao del Norte and Siargao.

Where to go in other parts of Asia? Why not try to explore India or Nepal

Have you ever fancied planning a holiday to India? Nepal? But you’re not sure where to go once you’re there? If so, there are endless exciting things to do in these countries which oozes culture and adventure; they are located in the South of Asia. One “on top of the other”. India is the seventh largest country in the world and Nepal has some of the most amazing sights we’ve ever seen. You can even choose to trek through the Himalayas and immerse yourself in Buddhist way of life. If you’re feeling adventerous and wanna see a bit, here’s a video we did in Nepal.


Visiting the Taj Mahal is also something should not be missed out on; it is the burial place of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is recommended that you go to visit at dawn since it is less crowded. Once you have finished going around this beautiful monument, visit the tomb of Daulah or the “Baby Taj” in the afternoon. It is the best place to watch the sunset over Taj Mahal.

For information about Nepal, please check our many posts about this beautiful piece of land or check our playlist on your YouTube.

Discover Jordan

If you’re looking for a different type of adventure, travel to Jordan. Swim (or float) in the Dead Sea and get to see the interesting archaeological ruins to give you a glimpse of religious history. Don’t forget to take a 4×4 ride through the desert and explore the Lost City to feel like Indiana Jones.

Where to go in Indonesia

This Southeast Asian country is home to many islands and is filled with interesting culture and delicious cuisine. It is a diverse nation, so you get to experience unique encounters as you travel. You can even stay in eco-resorts which offer orangutan encounters. Just please make sure you’re doing it in a sustainable and cruelty-free way.

Explore some hidden beaches in Bali and experience a sense of peace and quiet in the yoga retreats in Ubud. Indonesia has so much to offer for both the adventurer and those who want to get some R&R.