Whether it’s patatas bravas drenched in spicy tomato salsa or croquetas de jamon, gambas al ajillo or even the famous tortilla española, everybody has a favorite when it comes to tapas. And since we started paying attention to the Spanish side of Berlin’s food world, we were a bit lost with the options. Some good, some bad, some tourist traps and, of course, the authentic ones.

We gathered a list of Fotostrasse’s three favorite tapas in Berlin divided by price, so there’ll be no confusion. Those searching for such an establishment in Berlin should be sure to add the following to the Google Maps or Foursquare, because they are the holy grail of Spanish dining in the city in our humble opinion.

Tapas in Berlin for a night out without worrying about money: Txokoa

Don’t worry. I know the name is a bit weird but the staff is used to explaining how to pronounce Txokoa. But, of course, now I’ve forgotten. But enough with the name, let’s talk about the place itself and its food.

Txokoa is located in Neukölln, a neighborhood known for being the home of immigrants from all over the world. It is located just a few blocks from Hermannplatz. The restaurant is divided into two rooms, the first is where the smaller tables and the bar area are, and in the second room, which looks like the living room of an Altbau is where we had our dinner. High ceilings, the decor is relaxing and simple and the atmosphere I can describe as being romantic but not too mellow.

The food there is superb and they really know their wines. The presentation will make you feel like you’re on a Michelin star restaurant.

This place is perfect for impressing that one girl or one boy you’re dating for a while and you’re still on that stage of trying to show your best side, you know? Wild herb salad with Spanish cured beef, Txistorra Sausage, Potatoes & Kumquats Stew… those were some of the tapas I tried over there and I cannot choose my favorite.

Expect something around €6-13 per tapas. Glass of wine about €6. The bottles you can find but I honestly don’t remember the price.

Txokoa, Weserstraße 6, Berlin //+49 1578 7513568

Tapas in Berlin for the medium size wallet: Bar Raval

Personally, it is our favorite from this list. Incredible ambiance, outstanding quality, and the price, even though it is not the cheapest, for the food you eat it is honest and fair. Bar Raval is always going to be our first recommendation for Tapas in Berlin.

This tapas joint will grab your attention for the decor, the fantastic Spanish posters all over the walls, the design of the whole bar and on the tapas, the friendly service and, of course, exquisite Spanish food served in the most traditional way. I remember that the first time I went to Raval was the first time I had excellent olives in Berlin, but if you are thinking about booking a table, pay attention to the eggplant tempura and the meatballs they have. Those are regular and are the crowd’s favorites.

Bar Raval, Lübbener Str. 1, Berlin, // +49 30 53167954

Tapas in Berlin appropriately done for a great price: El Pepe

One of those places that you can go every week and still be surprised by how good the food is. This one is located on an upcoming part of Berlin called Wedding.

Excellent selections of tapas, honest cuisine, great prices and the interior is pretty and cozy. El Pepe is not the most traditional tapas you can find in Berlin, but it is worth the visit simply because of the party it does inside your mouth. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed after a dinner here.

Why not so traditional? For starters, the pan con tomate is made with one of my favorite kinds of bread here in Berlin. The same bread you can find in the right type of döners, the fladenbröt. I would expect nothing more from a place in Wedding, to be honest.

Wedding is one of the most traditional Turkish parts of Berlin, and this kind of bread is one of the main reasons I love eating the Turkish and Arabic food here in the city. I really like this mix of cultures that made the Chef in El Pepe to search for the freshest and most local bread for the tapas.

El Pepe is the perfect excuse you need to discover Wedding and have a wonderful time with friends, food and great wine or beer.

El Pepe, Prinzenallee 25, Berlin // +49 30 55647693


El Pepe

Bar Raval


I really hope you liked our three options, one for each wallet size and situation. I want to say that those are not the only places we like in Berlin and if you want to know more about where to eat tapas in Berlin, join our newsletter and our Facebook Group. We will send you only one email per month and I promise that the content inside you cannot find anywhere else on the web.