Why we fell in love with Poznan

Falling in love with Poznan is easy

That will be one of the most straightforward posts I ever made. Wanna know why? Because Poznan is still my favorite city close to Berlin. I will tell you why Poznan is on the top 10 destinations in a great mix of images and tips.

All put together to make the best pocket size travel guide to Poznan.

Great food and even more excellent prices

What I think is the first thing I noticed about Poznan, you know? How beautiful the restaurants and bars are. How well thought all the minor decor details are set and especially, how cheap the food is in general.

Here are some photos of the incredible places I had the pleasure to get to know in Poznan. In Berlin, places that look like those would cost at least 2x of the price that you can find in Poznan.

And Berlin is a cheap city, and I can’t imagine how much I would have to pay for a great meal like this in places like Vienna or Helsinki.

That are just 2 out of hundreds of examples you can find around Poznan! Ptasie Radio and Umberto. But if you want more restaurants in Poznan, you are a click away.

The infinite selection of good beer and the personality of each bar

It is rather refreshing to get out of Berlin to see what’s out there, you know? Out of the bubble of wooden tables, candle lights, menus on chalkboards and hipster cross-bone-like logos.

Poznan offers a new approach when we’re talking about uniqueness. Every bar we went to had its theme and its own identity. From underground dungeons full of halls in a maze-like construction to great ambiances that reminded me of a habit I never had: drinking in a library or bookshop.

The tremendous outdoor options Poznan has to offer

Besides all the fantastic locations indoors, Poznan gives tons of options if you want to enjoy the outside life.

We’ve told you about Stary Browar and their excellent combination of park + shopping mall + art gallery + hotel + much more, right?

If you want more, I can give you the two amazing castles that you can find right in the city center. Tthe Imperial Castle and the Royal Castle). Also, Poznan has a large selection of parks around, a great and incredibly cute old town to get lost in, a lot of history and a beach-like location right next to the Warta river, the relaxing and full of life: KontenerART.

Check out the photos of this last place:

KontenerART is located right on the water, and you can quickly take a long and pleasant walk on a great summer day and enjoy the sunset drinking a beer and hanging out with some friends.

And last but not least: You can quickly get around with English

One of the people’s greatest fears when going to an unknown country is for sure the language barrier, right? But not to worry if you are an English, German or Russian speaker. Polish young generation is almost 100% familiar with at least one of those languages. Besides, they are super helpful!

I found myself getting lost in Poznan maybe 4 or 5 times in just five days and every single time the people of this heartwarming city did the impossible to explain the way to me.

Everything from pointing it in the direction and counting the blocks for me all the way to finding a piece of paper and a pen and drawing the way for me! Lovely, lovely people!

So, if you’re thinking about traveling to Poland for the first time, and you’re either a virgin in euro trips or a veteran on this matter, think no more: choose Poznan for the people, for the beer, for the prices, for the landscape, for the outdoors and indoors but specially, choose Poznan for the unique personality!

If you need more than just those few tips, please visit our Foursquare list with over 130 places you must go in Poznan! If you are still not 100% satisfied, come and talk to us on our Facebook Group.

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